, How To Make Your Perfume Last Longer In Summer?

How To Make Your Perfume Last Longer In Summer?

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As soon as summer arrives, you feel the need to smell good. Using all kinds of deodorants and perfumes, expecting them to work on you is quite common. Due to the higher temperature of your body during the summer season, perfumes tend to fade away fast. Knowing the secret of making your perfume last longer can make a lot of difference.

Understand Why Perfume Fades Away Faster!

During the summer season, your skin perspires a lot. Due to this perspiration and higher body temperature, your perfume evaporates fast. when you are indoors in an airconditioned environment, this might be slow. But as you step out and start sweating, this can reduce the life of your perfume. Apart from the temperature and perspiration, perfume’s composition can matter too. A scent with a higher alcohol concentration will evaporate faster. Hence, it is better to take everything into consideration to make your scent last longer.

Tips To Make It Last Longer:

There are several smart ways that can help in making your perfume last longer. Here are some smart tips that will help you in keeping amazing perfume for long,

  • Use Summer Suitable Notes

Every season has a unique perfume need. It all depends on the temperature, and wind flow in that season. For summertime, it is best to go with cooling, citrusy, fruity, floral, herby notes. Fragrances like Aqua Cool perfume have a minty cool aroma with a touch of citrusy notes and floral green notes. It will keep you smelling fresh and energetic all day long without fading away. If you are using strong woody notes, try to apply minimal quantity for a good scent. Brands like Perfumer’s Club offer a wide range of summer perfumes for men and women. You can try them to smell good in the summer season. These scents will also smell good for spring and monsoon season.

  • Perfumes With Lesser Alcohol

The composition can matter a lot for making perfumes last longer. Try to choose Eau de parfum or parfum oil for the summer months. These perfumes have a better lasting as compared to deodorants or EDTs and EDCs. Always go with perfumes having more than 15% essence concentration. Such fragrance can last up to 24 hours when you are indoor and 12-16 hours when outdoors. These might be a bit expensive, but they last long making it worth every penny spent.

  • Spray Some On Hair And Clothes

Since you sweat too much in the summer season, the perfume will not stay long on the skin. So, you need to spray it on other places that hold the perfume better. For this, your hair and clothes are the best options. They can absorb the perfume molecules well holding them in. The molecules will be released slowly allowing you to enjoy a lasting aroma. You can also carry perfume with you in mini or travel size and freshen up whenever needed. Your hair on the other hand is the best place for spraying perfume. They behave exactly like skin, absorbing the molecules. If you need to smell good all day, spraying on hair will help.

  • Prep Up Skin Before Applying Perfume

Never apply perfume without prepping up your skin. Take bath every morning with a perfumed soap to cleanse the skin well. After this, apply ample lotion or cream to your skin to moisturize it well. This will help the perfume to absorb into the skin properly. Your pores will hold the perfume well, releasing it slowly for a lasting aroma. If you do not have a perfumed soap, you can use any antibacterial soap for this. For people who sweat a lot should use antiperspirantson their skin before using the perfume. Whether you use unisex perfumes or regular men’s or women’s scents, this trick makes it more vibrant.

Storing Perfumes Properly Can Make The Difference:

Along with the way you are using the perfume, how you store them matters a lot. Perfumes have a complex composition that has fragrance essence and an alcohol base. The alcohol gives a medium to the perfume molecules to travel and evaporate. But if the perfume is exposed to heat and direct sunlight, it can affect this composition. It will breakdown the perfume molecules, reducing the life of the scent.

Your perfume will not smell the same or even look the same. Avoid this by storing the perfume in a cool and dark place. If you have boughtan expensive luxury scents, storing them in an air-conditioned environment or a refrigerator will be a great idea.

Follow all these tips and prep your skin well before using the perfume. With these smart steps, you can make the scent last all day even in summer heat. Keep them kin cool places and use antiperspirant on your skin. Buy only superior quality perfume with more than 15% essence and see how long your scent stays on you.

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