, Why Should You Use Primer before Makeup?

Why Should You Use Primer before Makeup?

, Why Should You Use Primer before Makeup?

Makeup primers truly make all the difference to a smooth and perfect base in makeup. When it comes to flawless makeup finish, beauty experts suggest using a primer before makeup. There are thousands of tiny facial pores that become visible after applying multiple layers of makeup products. Therefore, priming the face before makeup is the simplest trick to create a sleek finish. Traditionally, professionals used them to do a heavy makeup look. However, now it becomes the essential product for making any type of makeup phenomenal. We provide you all the genuine reasons that drive you to add face primer to your makeup collection. Keep reading to know about makeup primers and their benefits.

What does primer do?

When it comes to prime the face, you need to smooth out the skin canvas by boosting skin hydration. This skin hydrating job is wisely done by the newest makeup primers available in the market. There are different types and formulas, from where you need to pick, as per your skin concern and skin type. Whether you have oily skin or dry skin , the top makeup brands bring the most suitable formulas to ensure the perfect makeup finish. It includes Silicone-based, oil-based, pore minimizer, mattifying formula, color correcting, and hydrating formula. All of them do follow to make professional touched makeup look.

  • Reduce the appearance of visible pores
  • Blur out the fine line
  • Smooth the skin surface
  • Keep skin well hydrated and moisturized
  • Add the dewy touch to dry skin with oil-based formula or matte finish on oily skin with matte finish formula
  • Make makeup intact for a longer time
  • Prevent skin pores from clogging
  • Prevent excessive oil production

What is the best way to apply them?

Unlike other makeup setting products, primer needs to apply under your makeup. Most people get confused about when it should be used to gain its maximum benefits. Some people omit moisturizers to apply it, but it is totally wrong. Before priming the face for makeup, always prep your skin with the best skincare routine. Cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser or face wash, apply any suitable moisturizer, and then use the primer. Always apply on face T-zone areas, i.e., cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin. Last but not least, it is a must for your eye makeup too. It prevents Eyeshadows from creasing and makes them stay at their place for a longer time. You can apply on with a finger or with the sponge in a circular and dragging motion. Try to give a couple of minutes’ gap before applying any foundation over it.

Which primer to use?

As it is mentioned above, there are many formulas for different skin concerns. Some people want to create a matte finish look, and some people desire to get a glowing look. Thus, they need to choose the formula as per their skin need. Here we provide a brief guide in this regard:

  • Silicone-based formula for oily skin and combination skin
  • Oil-based formula for dry skin
  • Hydrating formula for sensitive skin and oily skin
  • Pore minimizer formula for mature skin
  • Mattifying formula for oily skin in summer days
  • Tinted or color-correcting formula for any skin having dark undertones

Do you Really Need Them?

The answer is neither a complete yes nor an ultimate no. They are super beneficial in some seasons but an optional choice in some weather conditions. The decision is totally up to your skin condition and weather condition. On winter days, low humidity and dryness make it compulsory to use priming products to ensure a well-hydrated and smooth makeup finish. However, it can be omitted on summer days to keep your skin light on sweaty days. Nevertheless, we still suggest you use it to improve the makeup finish.

Hope! This blog helps you to wisely pick the best primer for any skin type to do makeup with professional finishing. You can use our suggestions to buy this essential makeup product from online shopping websites.

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