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Animated video has been around for many years now and it is still a powerful form of media. It can be used in any industry to make presentations, explain products, or even sell your services. An animated app intro video is no different; it should be able to present the product well and offer clear instructions on how to use it. In this article, we will take a look at 10 examples of great animated mobile app intro videos that are short, informative, and engaging. We hope you enjoy them!

  1. WU Money App Explainer Video

Category: Digital Payment App Explainer Example

Western Union’s mobile app is a leader in global payment services. It helps people and businesses move money around the world, helping grow economies and realize a better world. With its mobile app in your pocket, you can pay for goods from anywhere – making it easy to partner with Western Union Bill Payments to build out your own strategy for on-the-go payments!

  1. Embark App Explainer Video

Category: Travel App Explainer Example

Embark is a global public transport app that helps people to get around and shows them the best way of doing so. The mobile app explainer animated video demonstrates how Embark lets you know which route will be cheapest, as well as what time it’s most convenient for your destination.

Embark makes getting from Point A to B easy! All you have to do is interact with the screens just by being near one; then go through our content about travel plans or share some tips on social media if they’re good ones!

  1. eFindr App Explainer Video

Category: Social Networking App Explainer Example

eFindr is a mobile app that aims to help people find the professionals they need by targeting their friends. The video explains how eFindr connects you with qualified professionals when your connection can’t provide for what you want or need, specifically in cases where it’s not just any plumber, web designer, accountant etcetera but one of YOUR contacts who has the expertise and passion needed to do a good job at whatever task needs doing.

  1. Onlife Health App Explainer Video

Category: Online Health App Explainer Example

Onlife Health is a company that helps large employers improve the health of their employees. With proven techniques and insights, it creates engagement habits to form lasting attitudes toward wellness programs that are both informative and entertaining.

The mobile app explainer animation video gives you an overview of Onlife Health’s services, which include engaging your members with interactive content such as videos or games while also providing them insight into how they can change behaviors for healthier lifestyles.

  1. Plato App Explainer Video

Category: Entertainment App Explainer Example

Plato is the first messenger built for multiplayer games. Bored by playing the same boring games alone, then Plato is where you want to be! With a library of millions of people ready and waiting to chat with you or play any game imaginable – from chess to Pictionary – there’s never been an app like it before. The mobile app explainer animated video showcases how always-on voice chatting combined with live interactive gaming means that no two interactions will ever look alike in Plato!

  1. Speak On App Explainer Video

Category: Messaging App Explainer Example

One of the newest messaging applications, Speak On is a revolutionary app with an international flair. It comes loaded with all the features from self-destructing messages to robust translation and can be used in any language or 90+ languages supported! The mobile application explainer animated video showcases its strengths as well as everything you need for improved communication on your phone!

  1. Traveloka App Explainer Video

Category: Online Ticketing App Explainer Example

Traveloka is an Indonesian-based online ticketing service for flights and hotels. It works with airlines around the world to fly you wherever you want, providing price alerts so that no opportunity goes unnoticed by potential travelers! With its app explainer video, Traveloka highlights how easy it is to book a flight or hotel room through their mobile application – allowing customers full flexibility in rebooking tickets if necessary as well as staying guarantee when booking your trip. Whether looking for an international destination or need advice on what’s happening locally this weekend? The informative animated video offers plenty of insights into which destinations are popular among other users traveling from Indonesia recently.

  1. TradeHero App Explainer Video

Category: Gamified Trading App Explainer Example

TradeHero is a mobile app for trading stocks and shares. You can become the ultimate stock market hero by mastering your investing skills in Trade Hero, gain followers who watch you trade with real money on virtual trades, and even earn subscription fees when other users buy into your investment strategies or copy them. The animated video shows how easy it is to master stock investments while having all of the fun!

  1. Remente App Explainer Video

Category: Brain Training App Explainer Example

Introducing Remente, the app that brings knowledge from brain fitness and mental training to everyone. The animated video for this app explains how it helps you reach your full potential with cognitive exercises combined with guided feedback sessions without any other tools or accessories necessary! With an interactive program at your fingertips anytime anywhere on the go, what are you waiting for?

  1. Text Me Up App Explainer Video

Category: Mobile Communication App Explainer Example

When you download the Text Me Up app, it will not only connect you to your friends for free but also give you a new phone number. You can have as many numbers as possible because they are all on one application and that’s why this is called an “App.”

When someone texts or calls me from my own personal phone number, I’ll know who is calling before answering!

Alpasbox can create engaging videos that will help promote the business. These include an overview, brand, promotional, and how-to type of videos to name a few.

Mobile apps have changed the way we live, work and play. In this article are some helpful tips for video production in the world of mobile app development:

  • Build a strong creative brief to make sure your project is successful from start to finish.
  • Find reference material that can inspire you or use multiple sources if needed.

It’s clear that modern day businesses are fast integrating video into their marketing campaigns and other touchpoints. A good start is to develop a brief of what can be the tone and style for your videos–be different!

We at Alpasbox create custom videos based on your brief with a complete production services plan at a fixed price. That way our design team works right from concept development all through animation.

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