, 6 Factors to Pick a Printed Circuit Board Assembly Provider

6 Factors to Pick a Printed Circuit Board Assembly Provider

So, you wish to design your electronic product and want to make a PCB prototype. For this exercise, you have two options available, either you can do it yourself (DIY) or take the services of a professional company. Nevertheless, if you want to do it via the DIY way, you must have the required machinery and facility available. Not to mention, the machinery and facility call for a high expenditure that isn’t a good idea if you want a small production. It looks more rational to get in touch with a specialized prototype printed circuit board assembly provider. Some of the key factors are discussed below that can help you find a reliable PCB assembly provider:

Does your provider offer a digital quote system?

If you search on the web, you will find several providers that offer online quote systems on their websites. You can enter important details regarding your PCB assembly requirements in this quote system. You can enter board thickness, material type, and dimensions of your electronic products in this system. Not to mention, digital quote system saves you time. Further, you have an idea of the expenses beforehand. It proves really beneficial in cost control.

Does your provider offer cost benefits?

You can benefit from hiring a professional service provider through economies of scale. Without a doubt, manufacturing in bulk is always cost effective than manufacturing in small quantities. Nevertheless, typically prototype printed circuit boards are manufactured in a small quantity yet the expert service providers know how to carry it out without burning a hole in the pocket. They have close connections with the raw material suppliers and they have the latest machinery and facility to carry out the work at less cost.

Which factors can affect lead times?

It is of great importance to know about the factors that affect lead times when picking a printed circuit board assembly provider. In case you have a rare material type or thickness or any other thing in your requirements, then your provider may take a longer time to begin your production since they have to arrange it especially for you. The chances are very less that the provider’s other customers have the same requirements that you desire.

Does your provider support different file formats?

The most common type of format used by the providers is the Gerber file format. However, if you need any other kind of format, the vendor should be capable to provide you. More often than not, a PCB assembly provider that offers design services together with electronic manufacturing services is the best choice in this scenario.

Can your provider deal with any assembly issues?

Your prospective provider should have the technical capabilities and the best in class machinery and facility to deal with any issue that arises while doing PCB assembly for you.  Further, they have qualified and experienced staff. Checking these things beforehand can save you time and dollars.

Does your provider offer uncommon package types?

You need to understand the fact that not all assembly providers offer uncommon package types for instance BGA or chip scale. Before zeroing down your search on any assembly provider you need to get in touch with the tech support team of the company and list down their capabilities.

Above mentioned 6 pointers can definitely help you in finding a reliable printed circuit board assembly provider for your electronic product. You can find out other important factors that can help you assist further by using your online resources. There are many blogs, sites, and forums available on the web. You can gather more information from there.

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