Planning a funeral should be done in advance so that you can choose the funeral package that best suits your needs and expectations without being limited by emotional components.

1. Alternative vehicle

Usually, a long-sized black or white car is used for the farewell. However, if you want your loved one’s final journey to reflect their life and personality, as we discussed, you can opt for an alternative and quite a creative vehicle. Around the world, the choice of transportation continues to expand, with fire trucks, motorhomes, or horse-drawn carriages.

2. Broadcast the funeral of absent family and friends live

With the current contingency scenario, this practice has become an essential tool for family members who have not been able to participate in the funeral of their loved ones. However, beyond this, it may be an option in the future, to share with distant relatives or those who do not have the necessary health conditions, to mobilize.

3. Create a video tribute with images and memorable moments

An idea widely applied by families is the editing of a farewell video, with the best photographs and favorite music of that loved one. This small, but heartfelt tribute, will enliven the meeting between those attending the funeral ceremony and will ensure that the memory of that person is always present.

4. Choose an unusual place

Although it is less applied, you may also want to choose a more personal or unusual location for the funeral of a loved one, either because of your religious beliefs or some particular reason. From beaches to soccer fields, lakeside locations to forests, there are endless possibilities for you to explore. However, we recommend that, if you go to this idea, you take the provisions and process the necessary permits to do so. There are also within the cemetery parks, special and intimate places with beautiful landscapes that invite reflection and family gathering.

5. Say goodbye with a personalized casket

In some countries, families have opted for a personalized casket, with pictures or details that reflect the character or passion of that loved one. For them, they have sought a more personal farewell atmosphere and have been inspired by their favorite sport, hobby, or even a personal photograph.

6. Decorate the wake

In addition to the casket, with the permission of the funeral company, decorate the place with items that vividly recall your loved one and their personality traits. It can be with a large photograph, paintings, instruments, or another object that has been important in the life of the person who left.

7. Plant a memorial tree

Memorial trees can represent life in progress and provide a point of remembrance and encounter. Many people believe that planting a tree is a great way to give back to the environment while establishing a living monument, which you will be able to visit frequently.

8. Scatter his ashes in a special place

This is a commonly performed activity, but it does not lose that emotional farewell character. When choosing that special place, or if you already have it at his or her request, remember that it will not only be a farewell space, but a meeting place every time you want to remember the moments lived with your loved one. Do not forget that several cemeteries parks also have options for the rest of the ashes such as cinerary gardens, columbariums among others located in private sectors with a privileged landscaping

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