, Custom Cigarette Boxes For Cigarette Packaging

Custom Cigarette Boxes For Cigarette Packaging

The tobacco industry is becoming concerned with its brand and brand’s identity. To keep up with their identity, these manufacturers come with new and innovative ways to present their Cigarette. These boxes are designed in most attractive and elegant ways so that these brands look classy and appealing.

These tobacco companies demand these Cigarette boxes in massive amounts. However, keeping up with their demands could be trouble if you are relatively new in this industry.

A Huge Market

Statistically speaking, a study conducted in 2018 showed that 13.7% of adults’ smokes. That makes it a population of 34.2 million only in the USA.

This study includes both the users of cigarettes and vape. To filter out only Cigarette users, let’s cut it in half. That would still make the vape market of about 17.1 million people. And people buy multiple Cigarette all with different customization. With that difference in vapes, they all need different custom printed Cigarette boxes. So, it is quite a big market to do business with. Your potential to be successful at box business completely depends upon the variety of boxes you provide.

Variety Of Boxes

This perhaps is the most detailed and important part of this article if you want to know how to succeed at making vape boxes.

These Cigarette boxes can also be made with different materials, primarily three materials. Those materials are Kraft, Cardboard, and corrugated. After these three prime materials, different coating and add are also used to increase their appeal.


  • Kraft Boxes: Kraft is to make lightweight and economical boxes. Kraft is the best to print colorful designs and prints. Furthermore, it is the best material for Cigarette manufacturers if they plan to export their products. As Kraft weighs less, its transportation cost becomes very cheap.
  • Cardboard: is known for its rigidness and sturdiness. Cardboard comes in handy when there are hundreds of vape in bulk quantity. Here Kraft paper becomes 2nd choice, as cardboard can easily bear the weight of dozens of vapes and can deliver them with absolute safety. In short, cardboard is best for wholesale Cigarette packaging.
  • Corrugated: This box lies somewhere in between these boxes. This material is used when manufacturers demand a sturdy box yet appealing box to hold their Cigarette, extra cartridges and other accessories in a special package. Boxes made with custom made product placements are best to represent supreme quality.

How To Get Started With This Business

First of all, there are no shortcuts in any business, you learn by attempting anything. It is just like learning how to drive a car, it doesn’t matter how well you know the driving theoretically, you will only learn by driving it. Just like that, you will get some wrecks and mishaps, these dark points in the world of business will determine whether you are going to be a successful businessman or not.

Final Words

Start slow, get to know the market yourself and you will know when to expand and where to expand. Whether you want to offer more variety in boxes or slightly more options in the material categories. However, further in this business, you also learn about different types of inks and types of display boxes like window cut boxes and punch insert boxes for cartridges.

The most important thing to take care of is to stay unique and always give your customers a reason so sticks to you. After you fully understand the business, getting couple of hundred dollars out in a day won’t be a big deal to you, as I am still learning a lot and have a huge area to cover.

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