, General requirements when applying for a work permit

General requirements when applying for a work permit

Singapore is one of the best places to find a job opportunity in. This is because Singapore is home to many different kinds of businesses. These businesses range from manufacturing to service providers. They are located in Singapore because it offers a great set of laws and policies that make it easier for business owners to conduct their operations in Singapore. That is why the job opportunities in Singapore are endless. 

Even foreign individuals are allowed to get a job here after they secure a work permit in Singapore. An employment work visa in Singapore is important for an individual to be able to legally be hired here. If you are interested in working in Singapore, let us talk about the general requirements when you apply for a work permit Singapore pass

When a person wants to apply for an employment work visa in Singapore, he or she can apply for themselves or their employer can process it. The application would usually cost around $35 and another $35 when the pass is issued. This process should usually take a week for everything to be done. If this is an individual’s first time applying for a work permit Singapore pass,  they would have to declare their business transactions in Singapore.

The validity of the work permit Singapore pass is usually valid for two years but can be shorter depending on many factors. One of the factors that can affect this is the validity of the worker’s passport. The work permit Singapore pass can only be valid one month before the holder’s passport expires.

#1 Submit an application

It was mentioned above that the employment work visa would take up to 1 week or more to be processed. The first step is to submit an application or their intent to obtain a work permit Singapore pass. 

To do this, written consent from the foreign worker or interested individual would be necessary. The applicant would have to log in to WP Online and fill out the necessary application form. This application would cost around $35 each that can be paid via VISA, Mastercard, or eNets debit. The status of the application can be checked after 1 week. If the application for the employment visa is approved the individual will have to login again and print the in-principle approval letter and the work permit application form. You have to make sure that the approval letter matches the passport details with no mistake to ensure the legality of the work permit. Any error or mistake and these details may result in the denial of entry to Singapore.

#2 Worker’s arrival

These are the steps to complete for the arrival of the foreign worker. Before arrival, an entry application should be submitted. If the foreign individual is a non-Malaysian worker they have to make sure that the insurer sends the security bond details that may take up to 3 working days. The security bond must take effect when they arrive on the soil of Singapore otherwise they may be denied entry to the country. In addition, they would also have to secure medical insurance and work injury compensation insurance that would be applicable to the said individual.

When they have arrived in Singapore they have to make sure to comply with the relevant and three approval policies and stay-home notice requirements. Within 14 days or two weeks upon arrival, a medical examination would be required by a Singapore-registered doctor to make sure that they are healthy enough to work here. After this, they would have to print and complete the security bond form.

Starting March 15, 2021, Individuals that have the work permit Singapore pass and S pass holders in the industries of construction, marine shipyard, and process sectors will have to complete their stay-home notice requirements.

#3 Complete other steps and get the card

Once all of the things above are completed, foreign individuals would have to register their fingerprints and have their photos taken. During this process, the workers should bring their original passport, appointment letter, and notification letter. After this dick should wait up to 4 working days for their work permit Singapore card to be issued. When all of these steps are accomplished, an individual now has an employment work visa that would allow them to work legally in Singapore.

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