, Rear Bumper Cover Replacement Cost: Complete Information

Rear Bumper Cover Replacement Cost: Complete Information

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What is a Bumper and What are they made from?

Factors That have an impact on whether or not to repair/replace a Rear Bumper

How much do Rear Bumper repairs cost?

Accidents take place, but happily, vehicles have bumpers designed to reduce similar harm inside the event of a minor collision. How much do rear bumper repairs cost? Such as hard work, be ready to spend between $500 to $2,000. Although, if there’s body damage, expect a full-size reduction in the price of your car.

No matter whether you’re having a rear bumper repaired or changed. You’ll ought to aspect in the hard work charges for eliminating it, inclusive of any add-ons, lighting, or trim portions. Next comes sanding, portraying, and drying (until you discover an alternative that’s already painted). Then, there’s placing the whole thing lower back together.

Auto Body repair shops usually charge between $50 to $100 in an hour. How long does rear bumper upkeep take? It relies upon several elements, together with the extent of the harm, the car model, and the type of paint. As well as whether or not there are any cameras or sensors that want doing away with. Generally, upkeep can take anywhere from 3-hours to three-days to finish.

What is a Bumper and What are they made from?

Inside the beyond, bumpers were stable chunks of metallic. Today, they’re composed of numerous pieces that work collectively to absorb effect force in the event of a collision (frequently known as 5-MPH bumpers).  As this call indicates, 5-MPH bumpers have to stay freed from damage (aside from minor beauty flaws) in an accident that’s at or beneath this threshold.


First, there’s the bumper cowl, which is crafted from a mix of polycarbonate and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene(pc and ABS). In easier terms, they’re manufactured from lightweight, durable plastic. At the back of the duvet is a layer of impact soaking up Styrofoam, that’s part of the “cave in sector.”

Then there are the bumper mounts, which are made from both plastic, metal, aluminum, or fiberglass. Like the Styrofoam, the mounts are also designed to take in the impact pressure from a low-speed collision. Directing it faraway from the passenger compartment. The top notch factor about this shape is that rather than changing the entire bumper, you can simply need a single issue, which includes the quilt.

Additional elements consist of the brake mild assembly and any trim portions. In addition to any warning systems or sensors (rear-view camera, backup sensors, and many others.)

Now you understand what a bumper is and what the anatomy looks like. Permit’s evaluation whilst it’s better to restore one, and whilst to replace one.


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Factors That have an impact on whether or not to repair/replace a Rear Bumper

Here are some things to preserve in mind that will help you decide whether to repair or replace a rear bumper:

Extent of harm

The primary is the extent of the harm.  In a primary collision, there’ll possibly be greater than just the cover to fear approximately, meaning the Styrofoam and brackets as well.  Despite the fact that the results are minimal, you need to nevertheless have your bumper inspected by way of a professional to make certain its ability to preserve you secure hasn’t been compromised. In that case, you will be wise to replace the complete shape rather than just fixing beauty issues.

Foreign/luxurious vehicles

Elements for overseas automobiles are normally more luxurious.  Possibly no longer for established fashions, like a Toyota Camry or a Nissan Altima, however absolutely for something much less normal like a Toyota Supra or Nissan 350Z. This is on the whole because of the delivered transport costs from getting them from distant places.


The same is going for luxurious automobiles, mainly foreign luxurious vehicles.  Every other motive a luxurious component might cost extra is that they typically bring more electronics tied into their bumpers. Managing such things as sensors and cameras makes the repair or replacement take longer, and at $50 to $100, matters add up quickly.

Paint type

Whilst the form of finish can also impact the value by a little, the reason we point it out is that a few are harder to match.  Positive varieties of paint, consisting of pearl-coats or metallics, are likely to bring about a great distinction in color. If you plan to restore a bumper with both of those paint types. The shop will likely need to mix it throughout different frame panels (relying at the place of the harm).

For this reason, you would possibly not forget changing the bumper in preference to repairing it. Make certain to test whether the manufacturer of your model gives a paint-to-suit alternative, to be able to no longer handily reduce expenses but look higher as well.

Now you have a better concept of how to repair or update a rear bumper.  Permit’s look at the fees related to maintenance.


How much do Rear Bumper repairs cost?

As long as the ability of the bumper to shield you from harm hasn’t been compromised, repairing it is probably the nicest way to go.  Here’s what you might count on in phrases of expenses:


Whilst having a bumper repaired, parts expenses are saved to a minimum. It by and large comes all the way down to the paint. Whites are typically the least costly, and reds price the most.  As we mentioned earlier, pearlescent or steel hues also bring a top class.  A quarter of common expenses are between $25 to $150.


As stated in advance, frame shops regularly charge between $50 to $a hundred in step with an hour, sometimes extra.  Until it’s very minor harm, the shop will probably have to do away with the bumper first (in addition to any cameras, sensors, or trim portions). Restore alternatives include filling and glazing, warmness repairs, and paint-less dent maintenance (PDR).


Filling and glazing require the affected place to get sanded down and then crammed-in with a putty.  Then, it desires to be painted and combined. Heat restore involves the use of an oxyacetylene torch to warmth the affected vicinity to manually push/pull out the dent.  This approach does not continually require painting. The same is going for PDR, which is mostly a less high-priced solution for small to large-sized dents (not scratches or cracks).


Depending on which method is used, and whether any paint is needed. The average amount of time for a rear bumper repair is about three-days.  This consists of removing the bumper, acting the restore, time for drying, and setting up.  Because you aren’t charged while the paint is drying, there’s probably between 4 to 6 hours of actual exertion for minor repairs.

How much do rear bumper repairs cost? Anticipate to spend between $225 to $750 for minor damage.  This increases speed for more than one scuffs/dents.

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