, Small Business Ideas For Women In India

Small Business Ideas For Women In India

Fashion Designing

Fashion designing is one of the most money-making small business ideas for women that requires very little investment. For this you just need to set up a small neat corner of your home as a working studio and start by dressing up your friends and neighbours. 

Day care services

The trend for opening daycare , its surely catching on as one of the small business ideas for women. Working mothers are always in the hunt for daycare facilities for their children that makes gives a home-like feel. With a small space in their home, women can easily start this business.


Reselling is fast becoming a popular online business idea for women in India. Apps like Meesho enable women to act as resellers to their social network from the comfort of their homes. 

This is an internet friendly version of the earlier offline “home sales” or “garage sales”, where women would call their friends and neighbours home to showcase sarees, suit pieces and jewellery among other items. 

Reselling platforms take care of pick-up and delivery and also provide additional conveniences like COD. This is great plattform for earning those womens who have wide numbers of social connection.

Stock trading

The stock market has a huge potential for becoming a home based business for women. A large number of market survey  housewives are turning the stock market into their office.

 They look at earning extra cash by stock trading. Stock trading can be done from anywhere, even parallelly with a job! It allows you to decide your risk and earn using your financial skills. 

Websites like FundsIndia that offer help and advice with playing the stock market and making sensible investments. This option is great for those with a financial services background who have taken a break from work. But that does not mean that those without such a background can’t learn to become stock market pros. An appetite for risk, however, is a must. Approximate investment to start with: Rs 5,000 and upwards, depending on your risk .

Social media influencer

Social media has become one of the biggest places to generate brand awareness with millions of eyeballs to be caught every second. Becoming a social media influencer is a great idea for a business in India with low investment.

 Any talent that you are passionate about can help you to become an influencer. Makeup, travel, food, fitness and fashion are the main areas where social media influencers operate. Daily conversations about your area of interest supported by pictures, videos and blogs would help garner a growing list of loyal content consumers.

 Your phone camera can be your gateway to big opportunities. Brands associate with influencers who can engage their followers. So reading and keeping up with trending topics will help connect with more people and build larger audiences.

 The key remains regular creative and value-adding content that you enjoy. A successful influencer takes about one to three years to gain popularity. A lot is dependent upon the quality of content.

 Approximate investment to start with Rs 0, all you need is your camera phone and an eye for detail.

 Skills: An understanding of what you want to be known for and good social media interaction skills.

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