, What do we know about chartered accountants?

What do we know about chartered accountants?

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A chartered accountant, here is a profession that commands respect in some and which generates fear in others. This is undoubted because many of us ignore the real facets of this profession. This little file will perhaps enlighten you a little more.

The main missions of the chartered accountant

First and foremost, the first function of a chartered accountant is keeping the accounts. More specifically, by hiring its services, the service provider will take care of the classification, registration, and entry of accounting documents. And of course, at the end of the financial year, he will naturally take care of closing formalities, particularly legal ones, and of editing the balance sheet.

Otherwise, the chartered accountant may occasionally have to analyze the annual accounts of a company analytically, as part of a sort of limited audit. Indeed, the professional’s tasks will only be reduced to checking that there are no irregularities in the writings and documents checked.

Finally, among the responsibilities of the accountant, and not least, there is the audit of the annual accounts of a company. Here, the service provider will then take on the function of the auditor. The checks and cross-checks will then be carried out not only on the accounts but also materially. An audit can be initiated by the company itself or requested by a third party. A certificate is subsequently issued by the professional whether or not there is sincerity between the accounts and the real assets of the company.

It is therefore like many other accountants that Yadan, a chartered accountant in Paris, also has the skills of an auditor. Sworn in and member of the Order of Chartered Accountants, this firm heads a team that is both versatile and experienced. This is why, with your eyes closed, you could completely entrust him with the presentation of the annual accounts of your company.

His other responsibilities

But for a good accountant, his know-how is not limited only to the keeping, the examination, and the audit of the accounts. Many of them generally know taxation, legal and social matters. Therefore, it is also the ideal interlocutor to take care of your tax declarations: VAT, territorial economic contribution (former professional tax), the declaration of income from movable capital, CVAE.

The chartered accountant may also be called upon to draw up the payslips for employees and collaborators. Moreover, to reduce their costs, many French companies have opted in recent years to outsource their payroll. And still, in the social aspect, a chartered accountant is also able to draw up employment contracts and to declare social charges.

As regards the legal aspect, his intervention can range from simple drafting of minutes of the follow-up to the general meeting of shareholders to much more complex tasks, namely the modification of the company’s articles of association and insurance, or the transfer of shares, for example.

You can also count on this service provider to accompany you and to help you throughout the process of setting up your business. Better still, you can even ask him for advice on the form of company that will best suit your future activity.

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