, What Is a Digital Experience Platform?

What Is a Digital Experience Platform?

What Is a Digital Experience Platform?

Digital Experience Platform (DEP) is a powerful computer program utilized to create and change digital information. Digital Experience Platform is either a stand-alone application or best-of-breed application.

They can be installed as a standalone application, or integrated with other applications for e-commerce, business process integration, graphic design, and other purposes.

Digital Experience Platform Capabilities:

DEP capabilities are built upon an extensible infrastructure consisting of hardware, networks, and software. In order for DEP capabilities to be implemented, a great deal of work must first be done on the information in your digital project.

Once this information is ready to be integrated into your CMS, the next step involves loading this data into your EP. Generally speaking, this information includes tiles, images, videos, web pages, documents, etc.

Digital Experience Platform Users:

The Digital Experience Platform allows users to add new tile types, create personal profiles, manage shared contacts, search for images, videos, and documents, and much more.

The features are endless. Imagine a world where a company could easily provide personalized e-commerce solutions, games, and search engines to its customers. Or a world where a website could cater to the needs of millions of people and make money for the company without having to develop the website from scratch.

  • What if your company has no programming or development skills whatsoever? 
  • Is it not possible to design, develop and use a fully-featured digital experiences platform? 

Certainly not. There are companies that offer full customization services, starting from designing the website to integrating various technologies, and they do all this while offering support. You can discuss your ideas with them and come up with the perfect solutions. Let’s look at three technologies that can be used with a digital experience platform.

Digital Experience Platform Content management:

Content management is perhaps the most important technology needed by a business when it comes to a digital platform. Vendors have been using Content Management System software (CMS) for years and there is no looking back.

The main advantage of Content Management is its ability to integrate with the rest of the business, including commerce-heritage DXPS. With commerce-heritage DXPS you can handle all your customers’ data, from their profiles to shopping cart data, to social media data, and much more. This is why Content Management is one of the most powerful and important technologies for e-commerce.

Also used by companies that have a very large number of pages is the partner visual website optimization technology. The Gartner visual optimization technology allows web developers to optimize their websites.

You can optimize your site in many ways using the partner website optimizer such as removing unwanted text, adjusting sizes, adding relevant content, hiding outdated content, hiding non-relevant content, and much more.

These technologies allow you to make the most of the space available on your site and improve your site’s performance. In fact, Gartner has been used for years by large corporations, and as such is well known and respected in the market.

Uses of Digital Experience Platforms Technology

There are two other technologies that are commonly used within the world of digital experience platform.

  • CDN

A WCDMS is an online content management system, which handles all the technicalities of storing and delivering information. A CDN is an internet network that distributes content over various servers.

Both WCDMS and CDN offer the best possible experience for your customers, allowing them to access your product or service at a very high quality.

One of the most important capabilities that a digital platform must have is scalability. If your company has the need to scale, then you should be looking at vendors who have scalable platform technology.

Scalability will also allow you to take advantage of new capabilities as they become available. Digital Experience Platform vendors should always have a good idea of their technical requirements and a detailed plan in place to ensure that your digital platform can fulfill your business’s future needs.

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