, What Is A Transcriptionist Job? Where Can We Find Them?

What Is A Transcriptionist Job? Where Can We Find Them?

You might have heard about the transcriptionist job, but do you know about it? If no, then this article is for you. A transcriber is a person who usually converts audios, meeting conversations, video recordings into written format. This is becoming a highly demanding job today because everyone wants to keep a record of what has been said in a meeting or any other important seminar. If you are a transcriber, then it is your responsibility to listen to the audio carefully, and then convert it into long-form text. You should make sure that your client is satisfied with your final document, thus for this, you should always review your final document before submitting it. There are many things that you need to know if you are viewing your future in a transcriptionist job. In this article, we have mentioned some important points about transcriptionist jobs, and where you can find them.

If you are a transcriber, then you should be working in an office-based environment which will allow you to focus on things carefully. If meetings and other seminars are happening online, then you can carry on with your work at home also, but If the meetings and other things are happening in offline mode, then you should work in a daily-office going mode. There are many opportunities in this field as well as a fair amount of money. You should be working in the regular office working hours but if you do not want to work from 9-5, then there is also an opportunity to work as a freelancer. Below we have mentioned some of the important points that you always keep in mind if you are finding any transcriptionist job.

Transcriptionist Job Description

Most of the things about this job have been mentioned above. There are various skills you should have to master if you want to earn a good amount of money. A transcriber usually has various responsibilities, depending upon the firm in which you are working. The job requires accuracy, confidence, good speaking and writing skills, good hearing skills, and most importantly, speed. Your work should meet the highest standards, and your client should be satisfied with you. Some key points are important if you are seeing a transcription job as a career opportunity.

Some work of a transcriber includes: –

  • Interpreting audio recordings: This is the most important responsibility of a transcriber. You are hired to convert audios into written format. You should have a high vocabulary of the language as there are many terms which you should write correctly as some medical terminology.
  • Reviewing Drafts: Your day-to-day work also includes reviewing the draft which is created by the speech recognition software. You cannot fully trust the machine, thus as a transcriber, it is your responsibility that you are formatting the draft to the utmost accuracy and consistency in style.
  • Identifying Inconsistencies: Well, nobody likes to read an article that is written in a different styling format. As a transcriber, it is your responsibility to identify the inconsistencies in the article and rewrite it in a mannered way.
  • Client’s review: Once you are done with your draft, you have to send your work to the client for their review. If you are able to match their standards, then you will get paid, else you have to rewrite and make the article error-proof. The client should be satisfied with your work.

Skills Needed to Become a Transcriber

If you want to become a transcriber, then you should be having the following skills.

  • Your typing speed should be very high and accurate. You have to convert every line which has been spoken into a written format, for that you should be able to type at a very high speed. There would be situations where you will be facing tight deadlines, in that case, high fast typing speed can only save you.
  • Efficiency is the next big skill that every transcriber should master himself. It is very much needed in the long run to become a good transcriptionist.
  • A transcriber should also know how to manage time and workload. You might have various work in one go of tight deadlines.
  • The listening skills of a transcriber should also be good enough. You have to convert the audio into text form; thus, you must be able to first hear the audio calmly and with perfection.
  • A transcriber should be efficient in writing skills and should have a good command of the language he/she is working on.
  • Computer skills are also required to become a good transcriptionist.
  • Knowledge of the tools like Express Scribe, Freemake audio converter, Remote Desktop Software, and Microsoft word.
  • Knowledge about Virtual Desktop Infrastructure(VDI).

Salary Expectations in Transcriptionist Job

As a transcriber, you will be paid for your skills and work. On average, the annual salary of a transcriber is around $29,000 according to PayScale. If you are working as a freelancer, you can earn up to $20 to $45 for every hour you work. If you do not have experience, then you will be obviously paid less. The salary expectations will definitely increase in the coming 3-4 years because of the high demand for the job. The more work you will do, the more you will get paid.

For the training and education of transcriptionists, there are many online courses available. Some companies demand a high school diploma as the criteria to get hired while others will hire based on your listening, writing, and learning skills.

Before handling any work, make sure you have proper experience in handling the work and be comfortable with the language in which the client will speak. There are many career opportunities as a transcriber in the corporate and medical sectors. In some companies, you will be paid very high if you are very good at your skills. You can also work in the court system or as a medical transcriptionist. Working as a transcriber is fun as the job doesn’t require a full 24-hour workload and you can also perform your work from home if there are no offline meetings.

Where to find a Transcriptionist Job?

If you are searching for a transcriptionist job, then this section is for you. This section of the article will pinpoint some of the places, companies, websites where you can apply and find a transcriptionist job. Working as a remote transcriptionist is an ideal career for any person. Below are some companies that will hire you as a transcriptionist.

1.    Acusis

It is one of the best award-winning medical transcription services. It has its firms distributed all over the world and the firm is specialized in outsourced medical transcription solutions. You will be paid a fair amount of money if your submitted works meet their standards. The company offers high-quality medical-related products for physicians, hospitals, clinics, etc. If you are applying to this firm, then make sure your accuracy level is up to 98%.

2.    Allegis Transcription

This company is dedicated to the insurance industry and is one of the leading transcription companies. There are many opportunities in this field as they have a variety of work. You have to convert the content reports, recorded transcription, and digital recording into written format. You will be hired as a quality assurance specialist in this firm.

3. E-Transcription Solutions

This whole firm is owned by a woman and is one of the leading transcription job providers. You have to convert the written form of teleconferences, documentaries, sales meetings, broadcasts, seminars, and others. The company can make its name in the market and now in business for the last 15 years. You will have different growth opportunities in this field.

4. Genius

The main motive of the company is to deliver music intelligence to the public. The company was founded in the year 2009 and is considered the encyclopedia of music. There are many platforms of this company through which it shares its music knowledge like websites and other online platforms. You will be hired as a lyric associate in this company which is almost the same as a transcriber.

5. Musixmatch

This company leads in the transcriber job providing. The company was founded in 2010 and has an extensive catalog of song lyrics and translations. The company has also shared an open platform in which music fans can share and search their lyrics also. There are two jobs vacant in this company and they are of content editor-Korean, and content editor- Chinese.

6. National Capitol Contracting

Here, you can find your transcription job easily and effectively. It is an agency that serves federal agencies and non-profit research. You will be hired as a transcriber in this company and if you will work according to the standards, then you will earn a fair amount of money.

7. Phoenix MedCom

This firm is a bit similar to Acusis as it serves medical centers, hospitals, and physicians. It works worldwide and provides concierge-level service designed to meet the need of the clients. You should be specialized in medical terminology to get hired in this company and must have a very fast typing speed. You will be hired as a virtual scribe in this company.

8. ProScribe

It is also a health care company that basically will hire you as an Implementation trainer. The work will be much similar to a transcriber and will be more focused on healthcare documentation.

9. ScribeAmerica

You will be the physician’s personal documentation assistant if you get enrolled in this company. It is a medical-based company and, in this company, many trained scribes work alongside many physicians to reduce their workload. You will be hired as a telescribe and will be paid a good amount of money if you get hired and complete your work timely.

10. Scribekick

If you are specialized in Scriber Trainer, then this workshop is for you. This company partners with doctors, clinics, and emergency departments to work in the favor of the people.

Now, you know everything about a transcriptionist job. All the key points which you should know about the job are mentioned above and make sure you always keep them in mind.  Starting a new job is always difficult, so show some patience and everything will run normally after the initial phase. Apply to these above-mentioned companies for a starting boost. All the best for your future and remember, hard work always pays off.

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