, Why Corrugated Packaging Is a Better Option

Why Corrugated Packaging Is a Better Option

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Corrugated Packaging

Why Corrugated packaging is a better option than most packaging supplies available today is because of the cost. In addition, the material that is used for corrugated boxes are already pre cut and have been printed, so they do not require any additional materials to be purchased and set up for shipping. A box that is made from corrugated cardboard is much cheaper than those that are created from heavy grade plastic or even aluminum. Also, when you do need to ship a large amount of goods, it saves time and money on shipping costs, which ultimately adds up to your bottom line. So, if you want to start using corrugated boxes as packaging supplies, here are some other reasons to do so.


Packaging Supplies

Firstly, in the United States, this type of packaging is required by law as packaging supplies. The EPA estimates that more than two billion pounds of packaging supplies are lost each year due to damage and leakage, and that number is only going to keep on rising. As a result, with a simple corrugated box, you can reduce the amount of waste, which directly reduces the amount of greenhouse gasses being released into the atmosphere. This makes this a great environmental initiative for businesses and consumers alike.


Individual Consumers

Secondly, corrugated boxes are also ideal for individual consumers. Many people today are looking for unique and personalized packaging supplies to give away or to sell. However, the problem is that they often cannot find the exact boxes that they are looking for. This can especially be frustrating for people who live in small towns where there may not be a single Coroplast manufacturer in existence. Thankfully, all you have to do is order from one of the online distributors of corrugated boxes, and within a matter of days, you will have your customized boxes delivered to your doorstep. Best of all, if you are unable to find the exact corrugated boxes that you need, you can custom-build your own packaging supplies, saving you even more money.


Finding Eco-Friendly Packaging 

Thirdly, with the rising cost of energy, everyone wants to go “green”. However, finding eco-friendly packaging supplies is often a challenge. With corrugated boxes, however, you will be able to help the environment while still providing a high level of packaging solutions. While these boxes are biodegradable, they can still hold many harmful elements out of the air such as chemicals and pesticides, which are proven to cause cancer. If you reduce your carbon footprint while still providing top-notch packaging supplies to your customers, you will be able to win with both parties: you will be able to save the environment, and you will be able to provide your clients with eco-friendly packaging supplies that are durable and effective.


Ideal For Companies

Lastly, corrugated boxes are ideal for companies who want to reduce waste because they have a very low density. This makes it possible for these materials to be compactly packed into small packages without the loss of air or space. Many packaging services use these materials because of this low density, allowing them to pack fewer boxes per volume and thus save money on their shipping costs.

If you want to change the way you think about corrugated packaging, there are a few simple steps you can take. First, ask the company you are using whether or not they use eco-friendly packaging. Next, learn about how much energy, water, and resources are saved by their use. Finally, contact a few other companies to see if they also offer eco-friendly options for packaging your products.


Packaging Your Goods

For many businesses, eco-friendly packaging is the right choice. They not only help the environment but they provide superior packaging supplies that meet all of today’s stringent environmental standards. In addition, these materials help businesses cut down on their shipping costs and their carbon footprint. You can improve the environment and save money at the same time by using eco-friendly options for packaging your goods.

Many companies are making the switch from traditional packaging to corrugated packaging, which is a more sustainable option. If you haven’t already switched to corrugated, now is the time to do so. You’ll be helping the environment, reducing your shipping costs, and increasing the overall quality of your product.

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