, 6 Practices to Incorporate When Using Technology in Class

6 Practices to Incorporate When Using Technology in Class

Technology has become an inseparable aspect of education today, and it is becoming accessible to more and more students with adaptable methods and techniques. It is a great tool for the teachers and students to explore the various unattended territories of imparting knowledge in a classroom. It also inculcates curiosity amongst students to know about global aspects and scenarios.

Let’s see at some of the important practices one should follow while using technology in the classroom.

  • Classroom Culture: Incorporate a classroom culture that is supportive of technology use and is excited about it for the students to follow suit. Be encouraging and motivating for the students to try new technologies with great gusto and enthusiasm.
  • Practice Thoroughly: Practice your lesson using the technology you’ll need in class. Also, go through the steps students will need to complete on the platform of their choice to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Communicate Your Objectives: Make sure to communicate your objectives to the students at the start of the class and give them reasons why are they using the chosen technology. With the objectives are known to them, they can easily focus on the lesson and will be motivated to reach the end line.
  • Be Flexible And Patient: In case of things not going as per plan, you should be ready to with a plan B and keep your cool in such scenarios. One should be ready with other activities for emergency purposes.
  • Spice It Up: Students get bored quickly doing the same type of activities or using the tech platform week after week. You must see to this change and try to bring in activities to spice up the same method with a different interesting technique.
  • Encourage Collaboration: To make tech classes more interactive, have students work in pairs or small groups, even if it’s a short multiple-choice activity. This gives students the opportunity to work off each other and answer questions verbally.

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