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  1. Use Dreamweaver to edit your blog template it will make editing really easy.
  2. Never Use heavy Images in Your posts it will surely increase your blog loading time. 3.Always try to share your post just after when you publish it .It will Boost your post and will also results in good response to your post.Chocobo Names

Latest hot tips #EVENTBLOGGING

  • Choose the domain using google keyword plannar find the keyword which got the maximum hit last year .
  • Purchase only the high TLD’s like .com , .net etc
  • Event blogging is all about ranking the the keyword so backlinking is must .
  • One high quality backlink is equal to the thousands of low quality backlinks .
  • Monetize your event blog just before the 3-4 days of the event . You can also share the affliate links on your site but they will not pay you that much as the google pays . So always try to get the Adsense , Adsense is always the first choice .
  • If you do not have much experience in the event blogging or in the simple blogging too then don’t forget to purchase your event based niche domain just before the 4-5 months of the event .
  • ON-page and OF
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