, How a Study Group Can Help Improve Your Grades

How a Study Group Can Help Improve Your Grades

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For most people studying does not come naturally and is something that has to be done under duress! Many people find it difficult to motivate themselves to study and often only do the minimum required to get them through exams, therefore, perhaps achieving lower grades.

A study group (SG) can be motivational and worthwhile to assist you with your grades. When you study in a group, you behave differently to when you study alone. Most people who study alone can find many ways to distract themselves, by doing the housework, taking the dog for a walk, playing computer games and so on. However, when you are part of a study group you have to be more organized and you have to turn up! Being part of a study group means that other people are dependent on you to bring something to the group. You may be given responsibility for a set of questions or answers to share with the group, so you can’t really let others down.

Studying as part of a group means that you learn in a different way. When you study alone, it is not necessary to explain things out loud. However, when you are part of an SG, you have to explain things out loud to others which can often online dissertation help you remember things better. When you are part of a group, there is often more debate about questions and this can help you remember answers as you relate certain things with certain people, who said what and whether that was correct or not.

Working as part of an SG can be a supportive environment and can, therefore, give you more confidence. This confidence can enable you to study better and make you feel as if you are learning more. The encouragement and support of others can help you to enjoy study more, which in turn, can help you to retain more information.

Being part of an SG also brings different ideas and concepts to the fore. When you study alone, it is not usual to have a debate about questions and if you don’t understand a question, there is nobody to ask. In a study group, others may understand something that you don’t and explain it to you without making you feel stupid or silly for asking. You are more likely to ask questions in the safe environment of a study group rather than the classroom, where you may feel threatened.

In summary, working as part of a study group can give you the motivation, encouragement, and support you need to get you through exams and help you improve your grades whilst making what can often be a boring task more enjoyable!


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