, How to become a Collector

How to become a Collector

How to Become a Collector – Eligibility, Exam & Preparation

Are you the one who wants to become a Collector? Here is the simple guide Of a way to become a Collector. You can read more details How to become a Collector.

A collector isn’t solely some way of earning cash however additionally a chance to serve the country. Several candidates need to become Collector, not for cash but the love of their country.

A salute to the candidates for such a love for the country. If you’re additionally the one trying to become a Collector with dedication you furthermore you should know the correct steps to be taken. Allow us to mow ahead to look forward to the data on a way to become a Collector.

Who is that the Collector

The Collector is head of administration of the district. The central government is supposed to the appointment of the Collector in every district.

To become a Collector the candidate has got to qualify for the IAS examination. The sole aim of the Collector isn’t the financial gain or a government job however additionally to serve the people and love for the country.

Though it’s the central government that appoints the Collector however it’s the responsibility of the government of the state to look forward to supervising the working of the Collector.

How to Become a Collector

To become a Collector you initially need to apply for the UPSC exam. UPSC exam includes 3 stages. You should crack the exam and become an IAS officer first. After serving as an IAS officer for six years you’re qualified to become a Collector.

Eligibility criteria

To become the Collector you should possess some eligibility criteria. The eligibility criteria to become a Collector are as follows.


The national to become a Collector ought to be an Indian

Age limit

A person applying for the UPSC exam ought to be twenty-one years of age. The maximum age limit to become a collector of a district is thirty years, for the SC/ST class it is thirty-five years and for the OBC class, the maximum age limit is extended up to thirty-three years.

The pattern of Exam and Syllabus

Let us see the exam that you just need to crack to become a Collector. To become a Collector you’ve got to crack the UPSC-CSE exam. The variety of UPSC is the union public service commission. It is a certified body that undertakes the UPSC CSE exam. The CSE exam is a civil service exam.

The UPSC exam is split into 3 categories-

  • Preliminary exam
  • Mains exam
  • Interview
  1. Preliminary exam

This is the primary stage for you for the UPSC CSE exam. This is a primary exam that includes multiple-choice questions. It consists of negative marking. For every wrong answer given there will be a negative marking of 0.33 marks. Therefore be careful while responding to the queries and selecting options. If you do not know the answers its better you do not attend it

Syllabus of Prelims exam

  • Current affairs, History, and Politics
  • Civil service ability test (CSAT)
  1. Mains exam

After you crack the prelims exam that’s the primary stage of the UPSC CSE exam you pass to the successive level that’s the mains exam. As the name suggests it’s the most vital part of the UPSC CSE exam. Like prelims exam, it’s not an objective kind of exam. It is a descriptive kind of exam where the candidate has got to write all the answers well.

The mains exam additionally includes the papers that are associated with languages. Mains exam includes of total nine papers. Choose the optional subject that is associated with the graduation that you just have specialized in.

Syllabus of Mains exam

  • Indian heritage
  • Indian constitution
  • Indian Politics
  • Science and technology
  • Human interference
  • Optional subject
  • English, language paper
  1. Interview

Last however not the list is that the final stage that’s of interview. The person becomes an IAS officer once he cracks the interview. Here you do not need to write something. It’s not a pen-paper check. There are 4to 5 judges who ask you queries and judge you based on the questions. They will be judging you based on whether you know the solution or not, your decision-making, confidence level, will handle the strain, and lots of different parameters.

When you have qualified altogether on all the parameters that you are judged on, then you crack the interview method. Once you have cracked the interview method you have been selected for the training process. When you pass the UPSC-CSE exam you become an IAS officer. After the completion of 6 years of experience as an IAS officer and promotion, you become a Collector of a district.

Role and responsibility of Collector

  • Responsibility of the administration for the full district
  • Look forward to the law and order of the district
  • To collect the land revenue of that specific district
  • To produce a management policy at the time of crisis all disaster
  • Collection of tax income and its maintenance for that specific district
  • After the development of the district
  • To improve the datum of that specific district
  • To improve the welfare facilities for the farmers
  • Maintenance of properties
  • To try for the rural development

Books and study material to become Collector

  • Indian polity by Laxmikant
  • Oxford geographics atlas
  • Indian art and culture
  • Fundamentals of geographics
  • Constitution of Asian country by PM Bakshi
  • Indian Economy by Mishra and puri
  • History of recent Asian country


Now the ultimate thoughts to mention this was all concerning a way How to become a Collector. I have shared all the data concerning a Collector, a way to become Collector, preparation, eligibility criteria, program and exam to become a Collector, books to be observed become a Collector. You can find additional such articles on Career Flyes.


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