, Importance of class 10 board exams in the life of a student

Importance of class 10 board exams in the life of a student

Class 10 board exams are a crucial part of the life of any student. They are held at the end of class 9 and their marks determine your rank in the school, college or university you will be applying to. The exam is also one of the most important measures for deciding which stream to put a student in once they pass it. 

The importance of this exam cannot be overstated since it determines what kind of education you will receive and how successful you will become as an individual later on in life.

They set in motion the process to become what you want to be, and for some people that is their only chance at doing so. People who do well on this exam have an easier time getting into colleges and universities. It’s not just about how good they are at school work; it is also about what they can achieve outside of school as well.

While students study with the aim of scoring good marks in class 10 board exams, the same does play a major role in their academic career. Class 12 Board exams are considered as an entrance exam that helps you to take admission in higher education. Same is applicable for all other competitive exams like JEE Main and NEET/JIPMER/AIIMS etc. To be able to appear for these examinations or any recruitment exams, at least one must secure a minimum percentage of marks based on which one can qualify for appearing for this examination. Thus we cannot neglect the importance of class 10 board exams in our childhood years as it also plays a significant role in shaping up our future. So, let’s find out how class ten board result decides the career of any student:

1) To get admission in any further studies or college, one must secure a minimum percentage of marks based on which he/she can be able to obtain the seat for studying further. Obtaining good marks in class 10 board examinations will help the students to secure admissions in reputed colleges and universities. Even if they do not succeed in securing a seat, but by securing good marks they can apply for any other competitive exams like JEE, NEET, IIT-JEE etc. This all entirely depends upon the individual’s performance during his/her school years. Hence it is very important to score well in this examination as it helps you land up your dream job later on.

2) After completing schooling from high school, a student can easily get  admission in colleges and universities as per the rank secured by them in board exams. As seats are limited, they can secure admissions only when they score more than those students who are applying for same courses with them. Even if a student manages to secure admission, but if their marks are less then they might be expelled from that course after one or two semesters as it will not be possible for the university authorities to keep such students in their roll. Hence we should try hard to get high marks in class 10th exam so that our future remains bright and secured forever.

3) Students should also get themselves prepared for upcoming competitive exams like JEE, NEET, IIT-JEE etc which is very important after completing schooling from high school. Marks of class 10 is one of the criteria  for appearing in JEE-Main and 12th marks are for IIT-JEE and NEET. Hence we should give our best to get good marks in high school exam so that we can secure admission in any premier institute of the country.

4) Make sure you know about your weaknesses and work on them as this way you will come out strong during the examination. There is no harm in taking help from anyone who can guide us, whether they are teachers or parents, if possible take scheduled classes with anyone who has a lot of knowledge and experience about starting preparation before class 10th exams. This would be a great step towards scoring high marks at the end.

5) Do not keep studying only one subject for a long time. Always divide your study time on all subjects.  Narrow down on one or two subjects only and concentrate more on them.

6) Always make a note of the important questions in each subject as well as use sample papers to practice with. This will help you at the end when you are short of time for revision. It is better to take regular tests to check your level of preparation before starting any final round of study.

7) At the public examination hall while writing the exam, try staying calm, relax, do not panic, don’t think that because it may be your last paper that if you fail this then there is no other chance left now so should score more otherwise everything go waste also like we all know “failures are part of success”.

The importance of the class 10 board exams and what it means for a student’s life can’t be stressed enough. For some, this is one step closer to their desired profession or career path while others may have realized that they need more help in certain subjects before taking up an exam again. After all, education doesn’t end with just passing these tests but also being able to apply your knowledge practically through different avenues like internships or volunteer work. Learning Potato has been helping students prepare for various boards across Pune so if you are looking to study from experienced teachers who know how difficult these tests can be, contact us now!

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