, Product Based VS Service Based Company

Product Based VS Service Based Company

In Product Based companies, there are smaller teams, and employee-friendly enviroment is there where as in Service Based Companies larger teams are there and some fewer employees have friendly enviroment is there. So now you would have to remember another more important points related to this companies lets see them one by one

Product Based Companies

  • These are the companies that have their own products to sell. Examples are Google, Alphabet, Facebook, Adobe, etc.
  • These hire a very limited number of candidates from top colleges like IITs and NITs, and they generally don’t conduct campus placements in tier 3 colleges.
  • These provide high salaries and , also the salary is revised based on the cost of living.
  • These conduct more interview rounds, cracking interviews is a bit difficult than Service-Based companies.
  • The Learning curve is good, optimized, and efficient means are used. Also, you get to work on the latest technologies.
  • Flexible office timings, all you need to do is finish your work in the given time frame.

Serviced Based Companies

These companies may or may not have their products, but their primary business is service. They work for other organizations or we can say they are clients of Product Based companies. Examples are Infosys, Wipro, TCS, Cognizant, etc.

  • These are the mass-recruiters in campus placements.
  • These provide comparatively less salary and hike.
  • The Cracking interview is relatively easy and has few rounds.
  • The learning curve is average. Generally, they put freshers into support projects where the chances are that one does not have the choice to select his/her domain.
  • Strict office timings, around 7-9 working hours per day.

This is all about the Product Based Companies And Service Based Companies , I hope so guys  you all have like this blog.

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