, Things You Should Know As a Web Developer

Things You Should Know As a Web Developer

If you wants to become Web Developer then this blog is very beneficial to you In this blog ,  will tell you all those things which must be known to the every Web Developer , So here in this blog , I am going to cover some important points that you should learn as a web developer


The most important skill or knowledge every developer should learn first is these three basic building blocks i.e. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You will be using HTML and CSS in frontend for interfaces. Just right click on your web browser and then select view page source option. You will find the structure of your website where a lot of HTML tags are used for different purposes.

CSS is also used in the frontend that decides the style, design, layout and how HTML elements need to be displayed on the screen.

Javascript is high in demand nowadays and it is basically responsible for making your HTML pages dynamic and interactive. Javascript also comes with a variety of languages like PHP, Python, ASP.Net to make your website more interactive. If you’re gonna specialize in javascript like MEAN Stack or MERN stack then you’re gonna deep dive into this language because this one will be your frontend as well as backend language.

  • Github

Git is one of the most popular version control systems which is used in most of the organization. Chances are higher that you need to work on this version control if you get a job as a web developer. This is the reason you should definitely spend some time learning Git and some basic commands like cloning, pushing to repositories, making a pull request, merging branches, etc.

Github is a service where you can push your Git repositories to host your code. It is used for collaboration or we can say it allows developers to work together on projects.

  • API(Application Programming Interface)

In web development you will be working a lot with APIs which is basically dealing with third party data. It allows developers to use some of the functionality without sharing the code. There is an awesome Github repository of APIs which you can use for a different purpose and it also gives you a lot of project ideas. You can check the link Public APIs end explore it.

We recommend you to learn about using Rest APIs, HTTP request methods (GET, POST, PUT, PATCH and DELETE), building a Rest API, CRUD operation (Create, Read, Update, Delete). Different status code, data format (JSON, HTML or XML) used in the request etc.

  • Programming Languages

Computers don’t understand human languages and that’s the reason you need to talk to your system with the programming languages. In web development, programming languages are compulsory to learn and all the logics you can apply using a wide range of programming languages. Web developers use a variety of languages like PHP, Python, Java, Ruby and recently Javascript also giving competition introducing itself to handle the backend part. As a web developer, you must have knowledge of at least one programming language to build your web application.

  • Deployment

Last but not the least, as a web developer you should have the knowledge of maintenance, scaling, migrating and deploying your code on different platforms like cloud, AWS, Heroku, Netlify etc. A lot of options are there so spend some time learning about these platforms, how these services works and how to deploy or maintain your code on these platforms.

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