, What you should keep in mind before taking Computer Science tuition?

What you should keep in mind before taking Computer Science tuition?

What you should keep in mind before taking Computer Science tuition?

Computer science is a perfect choice for all the school-going students who love doing math and problem-solving. Taking online tuition for Computer Science helps get a better understanding of the course and help you get a good score in academics as well. Majoring in this field can help have a lucrative career ahead and all computer scientists experts remain in high demand through life. Students can take Computer Science online tuition to get detailed information about computer science and what all is included in the course.

What is online tuition?

Online tuition at Ziyyara is an effective way of teaching a student who is interested in taking one-on-one classes. We use an interactive online tutoring platform so that students interested in taking online classes can study from anywhere in the world. Very little equipment is needed in online tuition, all you need is a stable internet connection, a learning device, a microphone and video software for taking undisturbed online classes from a Computer Science tutor at home.

Things you require for taking Computer Science tuition online

Online tutoring works differently based on the student and the subjects that are being taught. Some variations of online-tutoring include:

  • Many online Computer Science tutors use online platforms for digital classes like Skype, Google Meet or Zoom, but we at Ziyyara have our in-built software for offering audio-video classes.
  • We give students an option of screen sharing and use messaging or chat functionality so that they can see the concept displayed on the screen.
  • We use Google Docs as well for sharing the documents, and sometimes provide notes as well.
  • One of the important things to consider in online tuition for Computer Science is that all of our computer Science home tutor follows a pre-planned program of lessons and uses interactive whiteboards to make the content or different topics more presentable.

Remember that Online Classes are Difficult from classroom classes

You might get flexible online classes as per your timings but remember that the course will not be easier if you don’t work harder. You need to have strong time-management skills otherwise taking online classes would become a difficult task for you. Though learning through a computer is not easy but we at Ziyyara try every option to make it easier for you. Interactive audio-video classes, use of whiteboard, etc. are some of the ways that help us deliver hassle free online Computer Science tuition classes.

Professors Teach Online Classes

Ziyyara has a team of highly skilled professors who take tuition classes in Computer Science. All of them have a computer science degree and years of experience in offering online education to students. Though you might not get a chance to meet them in person, the concepts explained by them will remain fresh in your mind throughout your life. The only difference in online and offline education is that the former education is delivered via online discussion boards, emails, and other online lecture sessions.

How does online tuition at Ziyyara work?

We at Ziyyara help students stay engaged with their unique learning, and want to continue towards their overall development. With regular online tutored sessions, unlimited access to our interactive classes, children can select a customized program full of fun learning ways to use at home.

Weekly online classes

All you need to do is to log on to our unique interactive education platform and enroll for a one to one session to get the best learning. The education is provided by the expert online tutor for Computer Science, who provides regular feedback regarding your child’s progress.

Unlimited access to learning tools and resources

We stay committed to support students, even the ones who take time to understand the concepts. Students can get unlimited access to our audio video online classes and we even provide recorded classes, on request, to revise the concepts.  Fun learning resources and animated videos are the easiest way to get the best education while sitting at home.

Regular feedback regarding the child’s progress

We at Ziyyara keep all the parents in loop regarding their child’s learning journey and after completion of a chapter, take a class test. After every live session, our Computer Science tutor at home shared feedback with a child and their parents to ensure coordinal relations among all.

Online classes give plenty of Opportunities to students

You might worry that how online learning will prove beneficial to you, and how you will interact with online teachers. Fortunately, online classes at Ziyyara are very friendly and even beginners can easily take them. Our Online tuition for Computer Science classes have discussion boards, online chat, and whiteboards, to help students in learning even the complicated computer language with ease.

Why choose Ziyyara’s online learning?

Experienced online tutors

When searching for the tutors for online tuition classes of Computer Science to academically support your children, it’s important to get the best one for your child. Since inception, our expert tutors at Ziyyara have provided education to hundreds of students from class 5-12 and help them in achieving their potential.

All of our tutors are appointed after completing a stage-wise selection process and interviewed by our coordinating team so that best fit can be made accessible to all the students. Thus getting the best professional assistance at Ziyyara allows your child to get a good score in computer science. We try to make even complicated chapters like Programming Languages, Human Computer Interaction, Coding – Introduction, etc. understood using smart technology.

Affordable online learning

When looking for online tuition, many parents worry that it will cost them much. But surprisingly taking Computer Science tuition classes will not burn your pocket at all, as we have quoted reasonable rates for all the classes. We are confident that taking tuition from us will be value for money. We offer flexible class timings allowing the option to take weekend and weekday classes as per your comfort.

Positive online tutoring experiences

Unlike other tuition providers, we have a huge fan following. Seriously all of our tutors are highly recommended and students appreciate their unique teaching style. Our tutors act as a pillar in building a bond and catering to the growing needs of online learners.

Our mission is to ensure that all students taking online classes through our platform can build their confidence level by studying in a safe environment.  So give your children the best education by our online Computer Science home tutor they deserve to thrive in their education and much beyond.

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