, Why New-Zealand Becomes Best Destination Abroad Study

Why New-Zealand Becomes Best Destination Abroad Study

A lot of people have known New-Zealand for its scenic beauty and ranches but it is also emerging as the quality education provider at the international stage for various degree programs and courses. Today New-Zealand has a large population of international students in various colleges and polytechnics. We are aware that universities in UK and US have always been at the top list of international students but this trend is gradually changing and many of them are also looking for New Zealand for higher studies and researches. New-Zealand offers a safe environment to its students along with incredible study opportunities and support services for international students. There are various academic, vocational and certification courses available at various universities, polytechnics, colleges, secondary schools and private training establishments Language Schools, High Schools, Universities, Technical Schools and Institutes. For admission in the colleges of New-Zealand one has to qualify TOFEL or IELTS, their scores are also counted while granting you a student visa for new-Zealand. New-Zealand is an English speaking country therefore, you should have a fair knowledge of the language to live and Study in New-Zealand.

The education system of New-Zealand has made a significant progress in the last couple of years and today the qualification from New-Zealand has international recognition. There are eight government funded universities which offer undergraduate and post graduate programs. These universities also proffer foundation programs as well. In the tertiary education system of New-Zealand there are twenty five government funded polytechnics and institutes of technology. These government aided polytechnics and institutes offer a wide range of academic and vocation programs. The growing numbers of private tertiary and training establishments have a range of programs which include professional certificates, diplomas, and degrees in various ranges of subjects like art, computer studies, eco-tourism, quality management etc.

An essential thing to mention about New-Zealand is that it is internationally recognized for its teachers training. It has six government-funded institutions that provide training for teachers from early childhood to primary, secondary and higher education level.

Today, Indian students have also shown a great interest in studying in New-Zealand’s universities and polytechnics. As far as cost of living and education expenses are considered then it is quite economical in comparison with UK and US. Study in New Zealand Consultants in Delhi also helps you to brush-up your English language skills. Moreover, New-Zealand has students from different countries of the world which provide a good exposure and multi-cultural environment. New Zealand is among few countries which allow its students to work while studying full time in your spare time. Moreover, Indian students also enjoy one year searching job after graduation (for this terms and conditions are applied).

To study in New-Zealand, student visa is a must if your course has more than three months of duration. On the other hand, for a single short term course (less than three calendar months) you do not need to apply for a student visa.

New-Zealand some of the premier colleges which are recognized worldwide, they are as follows-

• University of Auckland
• University of Otago
• Massey University
• AUT University
• Victoria University of Wellington
• University of Canterbury

New-Zealand is world famous educational environment so it becomes dream destination for international students.

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