, Fun Activities for Kids to Engage in 2021

Fun Activities for Kids to Engage in 2021

The pandemic has left us all in distress. This is especially true for parents who worry about their kids not having something productive to do at home. Since everything was on lockdown, there were no schools, online classes were not the best educational experience and all the parks were locked down. Suffice it to say, there was little to nothing for young children and teenagers to do. As a result, we saw a generation that was already having trouble reducing screen time get stuck in a situation where they had no other choice.

Even now, not everything is as it was and kids aren’t getting the time and attention that they need. Moreover, their ideas of fun have become limited as they haven’t had outdoor fun.

So, let’s take a look at some of the fun activities kids can engage in for 2021:

Summer and Winter Camps

Whether it’s the summer or the winter, there are camps available in Dubai’s largest outdoor adventure park, Aventura. This park spreads across a vast land in the Mushrif Park and is thus, surrounded by almost every species of flora and fauna in the emirate.

Aventura Parks also host summer and winter camps for kids that also follow careful guidelines for the COVID-19 precautionary measures. Along with this, you can rest assured that your kids are in the hands of expert personnel who have years of experience with kids. Under their supervision, your kid will get to exert themselves in physical exercises and games with other kids.

These amazing activities are all aiming to encourage and motivate young ones to try outdoor fun, learn about survival in the wild and even about different animals and species found around them. Since there are other kids in the camp, they will learn to work in teams to get through puzzles and challenges in the obstacle courses. Encouraging kids to communicate and cooperate with each other, the camps are a sure way to instil confidence, cultural understanding and empathy.

Pursue Art

Every human being with emotions can understand and potentially create pieces of art. Since there are no limitations that define what art can be, it’s vital that every kid pursues some form of it. Whether they have an interest in playing music or painting, they should have the chance to explore their creativity.

The advantages of engaging with art are infinite. Not only does it help kids develop a skill along with creative imagination, but it also helps them become more understanding and expressive with their skill. In practical terms, kids who have an interest in drawing, painting and designing can learn digital skills such as graphic designing, animation, etc.

Similarly, kids who have an interest in other forms of art will inevitably learn patience. Since art is always self-rewarding and self-reinforcing, you can be sure that your kid will not give up soon. You just have to give them an underdog and get them through the first few days. After that, they’ll be doing fine on their own.

There are many other alternatives to the above-mentioned activities. However, the point is to get the kids to learn something rather than just have fun. So, if you have a creative idea, do share it below!

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