, The Arthdal Chronicles season 2 – Complete Review

The Arthdal Chronicles season 2 – Complete Review

As one of the most appreciated Korean thriller series on Netflix, the Arthdal chronicles gained huge popularity. With the expected release of season 2 ,the drama has once again come under limelight.

The season one of the Arthdal chronicles was great hit and emerged as the highest rated korean play in cable TV in South Korea, reported by the Korean Creative Content Agency . The drama starring the Vincenzo actor Song Joong ki and Heirs actress Kim Ji won was first aired on 1 June, 2019 on Netflix. The drama instantly grabbed attention from the audiences worldwide. The series was the 6th most preferred drama in the U.S in the same year.

The storyline of season one starts in a mythical land called Arth, the inhabitants of the ancient city Arthdal and its surrounding regions vie for power as they build a new society. The prosperity of knowledge concerning ancient Korea and its culture were the leading factors for the great viewership the show enjoyed. There existed two primary races , sarams and Neanthals. Season one’s remarkable story would be continued from where it cliff ended . The drama also encountered mixed reactions from the audiences due to its story line. It didn’t hinder the show from having a larger fanbase in the  international market. There were times when certain questions were raised on the drama due to its similarities with the Western shows.

The release date of the season 2 is yet to be announced. The shooting of the new season is halted due to the crises stimulated by the covid crises, keeping the health and safety of the actors and production members in mind. However, it is a great news for the fans who were  enthusiastically looking forward to the release of season 2. They’ll be soon seeing their favourite characters Eun Seom,  Ta Gon, Tan-ya and Tae Al- hq. Song Joong ki’s fans are excited about the expected season 2 as the popularity of the actor is growing at a remarkable pace due to his role of Vincenzo Cassano in his currently ongoing drama.

Even though everyone is keeping their lips tight regarding the details related to the release date and storyline, the upcoming season has high suppositions  from the fans.The production house of the show i.e. Dragon Studio has often shown signs for the revival of the show. Under the direction of Kim Won Suk, composing under Copykumo and screenwriting under Kim Young Hyun and Park Sang Yeon, . The main leads are expected to be intact whereas the viewers could expect slight changes in the supporting cast. The Arthdal Chronicles is also popularly known as The prelude to all legends, and The chronicles of Arthdal , The Chronicles of Aseudal, The prelude to all legends, and The chronicles of Arthdal. Season 2 is likely to premiere on Netflix just like season 1. The highly anticipated release  could be aired at the end of 2021. Find latest best movies on Netflix fot every weekend binging.

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