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7 Ways to Keep Calm & Relaxed On Your Wedding Day

Weddings are fun, but they are a great deal of hassle too. While they bring happiness in our lives, they also demand a lot of effort. Brides have to start planning their weddings months in advance. All to make sure that the wedding days go smoothly. In Pakistan, especially, because we have several functions to attend. And the bride has to ace all of them.

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Here are several tips to get some burden off of you:

1. Before paying the advance, make sure you connect with the venue!

Your wedding day is a memory that will stay with you for the rest of your lives. Everything needs to be perfect, which is why the location matters. 

You need to pick your location wisely. It needs to go with the theme of your wedding too. To know whether the location will have the vibe you want, imagine your perfect wedding. Do you want the wedding to be at a historical location? Do you want a traditional but formal feel to it? What kind of colors do you want the background to carry? You need to keep all of these things in mind.

This is our number one recommendation to you so you can roam stress-free on the day of your wedding. At least, the venue and its aesthetic won’t be a problem that’ll keep you stressed out. So take care of these worries in advance, so the wedding days rock!

2. A Night Before The Wedding, Should Be the Night of Rest!

It is important that you take ample amounts of rest prior to your wedding day. Your wedding is going to be full of fun and multiple activities that will keep you engaged. So, you don’t want stress at the back of your mind.

Many brides that we receive at MBM, a top Pakistani luxury pret, show signs of stress. Most of them complain that they have trouble sleeping at night. That’s because of multiple reasons. One of them is excitement, which is a good thing, but it shouldn’t keep you up at night.

Experts believe that in such cases, meditation might help. There are meditation exercises that you can find online. Or you can make a playlist with soothing songs and listen to them while you try to sleep. The therapeutic effects of the song will help you relax and sleep on time. 

3. Treat Yourself To a Healthy and Nourishing Breakfast, To Start a Stressless Day!

Everyday before your wedding, you need to have a relaxing and nourishing breakfast. Always remember that a breakfast is supposed to get you through the day! You might feel really anxious after having greasy and fatty food. You may feel this way because such food does not have nourishing effects. It makes you feel lazy, and so, you have more chances of feeling stressed.

Thus, if you feel anxious after consuming greasy food, don’t be surprised!

You can consider adding yogurt, milk, fruits, and eggs to your breakfast every day. Having eggs can get you through the day with lots of energy. 

4. Get Scented Candles For Your Room and Bathroom!

Many brides commit the mistake of not investing in their environment i.e. their room. Since you spend a lot of your time in your room, you need to make it soothing. Adding scented candles to your surroundings can be one great way to do it. In order to make your surroundings more comfy, try repainting. It might help you relax. How? Because the colors around you have an impact on your brain. 

So, if you are repainting your room, go for colors that you find soothing. Instead of bright colors, you can go for pastels. But if bright colors bring you comfort, we say you go for it.

5. Listen to the Music That You Love!

Decades of research has shown that music has therapeutic effects. You should listen to the music that you find soothing. This includes listening to music that you find comforting.

There are people that find music with amazing lyrics soothing. If you’re that kind of person, then go for it!

Music tends to be a great distraction for people. It is also great for mood modulation, which is why it is perfect for brides. 

6. Focus on Minimizing Your Screen Time!

Brides need to minimize their screen time. Multiple studies have shown that screen time is not only stressful to eyes but your brain. This is why to relieve some stress get yourself busy with some healthy activities. 

These healthy activities involve exercising, joining a yoga class, or reading a book. You can also consider going out with your friends. A time spent with friends is definitely. If you want, you can even go on shopping to get that stress out. That too, without having to rely on a movie or any other screen activity. 

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7. Quit on Caffeine for Some time (Maybe!) Altogether!

Caffeine is found to add to your sleep fragmentation. This is why you need to quit for the time you are planning your wedding. Otherwise, you might feel more stressed than you already are.

Try to quit it for the long-term, so your dependency on coffee can finish. You will thank yourself on your wedding day and days to come. 

Following these seven amazing tips will help you stay calm and relaxed on your wedding day. It is your wedding day, so you need to consider these tips, so you can enjoy it. 

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