, Are Your Ladies Leather Handbags Sustainable? The Importance of Sustainable Fashion
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Are Your Ladies Leather Handbags Sustainable? The Importance of Sustainable Fashion

Fashion trends come and go. But, leather products are always popular. High-quality ladies leather handbags are always in demand because, despite their velvety textures, these accessories are extremely durable and stylish. Be it for fashion or function – all shoppers unanimously love using leather handbags and backpacks because –

  • These spacious, multi-compartmented, and multi-pocketed accessories look sophisticated but are very practical in various situations.
  • The different pockets and compartments allow users to safely store various items – from sanitizers and mobile phones to wallets and books.
  • Bags made of full-grain leather and designed with military-grade threads last for decades.
  • They’re easy to carry as they’re abrasion-free, moisture-resistant, and heat-resistant.

However, shopping for leather bags has become complicated in the past decade. Modern-day consumers rightly want to buy clothes and accessories made of sustainable, animal-friendly, and organic materials. Since leather is made of dead animal skin, it can’t ever be fully sustainable.

But, the leading sellers of the best handbags for women do their best to ensure their leather tanning and manufacturing activities have minimal environmental impacts. These sellers –

  • Use leather from hides of animals that were raised for meat.
  • Instead of using additional resources to access leather, these companies use by-products from the agricultural industry to create their leather handbags.
  • They use solvent-free finishing, chrome-free tanning, and other eco-friendly techniques to manufacture leather goods.
  • The leather is produced according to international environmental normative standards.

The Importance of Sustainability in the Clothing Industry  

Why should you care whether the company you’re buying handbags from engages in sustainable manufacturing practices? Buying sustainable leather or canvas handbags is very important. Just by choosing to work with such companies, you can –

, Are Your Ladies Leather Handbags Sustainable? The Importance of Sustainable Fashion
Canvas Handbags
  • Reduce the amount of textile waste that’s dumped at landfills or incinerated every year. Sustainable brands only use long-lasting, recyclable materials. The amount of textile waste they generate is minimal.
  • Sustainable clothing brands only use cruelty-free leather to create their bags.
  • Sustainable fashion brands are against worker exploitation.
  • Sustainable fashion brands operate with “water budgets” to limit their water usage and water pollution.
  • Since sustainable fashion companies only utilize natural, recycled, or safely sourced materials, their carbon footprints are very small.

How to Find Sustainable Clothing Brands?

There are many brands focused on producing eco-friendly and sustainable leather products. Here are some discernible qualities that most environmentally-conscious fashion brands have –

  • They source their materials from responsible suppliers who use no chemical treatments.
  • Use packaging materials made of 100% recycled materials (e.g., recycled polyester).
  • Use recycled cotton and polyester waste materials to create labels, tags, etc.

Take the Sustainability Route Now

Environmentally-conscious fashion brands understand that each aspect of the global retail chain impacts the environment. These companies constantly strive to be more sustainable with each new product. The Meraki World is one such lifestyle brand that strives to meet the sustainable environmental requirements of the global fashion industry.

The company develops series of high-quality, eco-friendly office handbags for ladies. It analyses the impact of each material on the environment and takes little steps to make huge differences in the long run.

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