Facebook advertising, Facebook advertising what it is and what it is for ?

Facebook advertising what it is and what it is for ?

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The numbers speak for themselves. The users who use Facebook are over 2 billion, those who are active every day over 1.23 billion. On average, these users spend about 50 minutes on social media.

These data show how important it is to be able to reach them all, or at least a large slice, if you have a company, an activity, an e-commerce or even just a page that you want to make known and grow.

Facebook, being a particularly powerful marketing tool, thought about it, always finding different solutions until a tool emerged that to define as precious seems very little.

Facebook advertising, Facebook advertising what it is and what it is for ?

Facebook advertising is the social network platform useful for the publication of ads within its pages. Nothing simpler.

Consider that Facebook knows perfectly the attitudes and passions of each of its users, so planning targeted campaigns is very simple.

In this way it is possible to reach the target you want to court without too much effort.

It goes without saying that, with the passage of time, social networks have become a preferential and more effective channel for obtaining new contacts (called leads) and transforming them into real paying customers, starting from the ability to create a well-defined and effective storytelling.

To understand how and when to advertise on Facebook it is necessary that you know your goals and your mission , without these details you will not make much progress because if the strategy is not targeted it will hardly bring the desired results.

Facebook Advertising: how to set up a campaign?

Facebook Ad will allow you to reach the target you want quickly and effectively, as you would not be able to do, at least not with the same precision and ease.

Facebook advertising, Facebook advertising what it is and what it is for ?

By setting your campaign on Fb you can set the geographical and demographic characteristics, those related to the age and interests of users and those of personal relationships. Details that will only refine and optimize your campaigns to reach more users.

A valuable point is that every Facebook advertising campaign allows users to see which of their friends have already “liked” your business / page. What does it mean? That word of mouth will help you reach more and more users and receive new likes every day.

Users trust their friends, which is why word of mouth is to be considered a valuable and useful tool in advertising campaigns even on the web.

Facebook Advertising: the advert and the sponsored news

The methods you can use are mainly two: the advertisement and the sponsored news.

The ad appears on the vertical bar to the right of the news feed of users who are part of your target. The sponsored news, on the other hand, appears in the central or vertical part of your target’s news feed.

The strengths of Facebook advertising are the ability to reach users who have shown interest in that context and those contents and who are therefore also potentially interested in your business.

Another point in its favor is the possibility to see who among the friends has already clicked like, proving to trust the product / service.

Who is Facebook add useful for? To multinationals as well as to medium and small companies, as well as to the individual user who has his own business.

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