, Most Beautiful Beaches Of The World

Most Beautiful Beaches Of The World

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Beaches are a part of the paradise on the earth. It is fascinating and absorbing to walk on the sand of a beach. The cool sea breeze is magical and compelling. The amazing sunset and sunrise on the beaches are alluring and tantalizing. The whole environment of the beach can hypnotize you. People always feel relaxed, away from the stressful life in the resonating environment of beaches. You can transfix your nerves while visiting a beautiful beach. You always try to wear clothing that well suits the beach environment and surroundings. Hawaiian shirts are enchanting for men. Wholesale Hawaiian shirts provide you the best possible solution to items of clothing for a beach. Hawaiian shirts are remarkable due to their vivid colors and amazing design. 

In this article, we will present the most beautiful beaches in the world. 

Whitehaven beach:

Whitehaven beach is located on Whitsunday Island in Australia. It is one of the most amazing and absorbing beaches in the world. It is one of the cleanest beaches in the world, and the coastline of white sand stretches for more than 7 Km long. The beach is accessible from Airlie Beach and Hamilton Island via boat and by plane. Whitehaven beach sand is renowned for its coolness due to the excessive amount of silica in it. You would be amazed to see cool sand on a hot sunny day. Is it amazing? Isn’t that true? 

Navagio beach: 

Navagio beaches located in Greece, Ireland of Zakynthos, Ireland is known for its festivities and nighttime parties. Navigation beach is famous due to the blue water and its picturesque scenery and photographs. The steep cliffs of Ireland are romantic and absorbing due to their magical reflection in the blue water. Navigation beach is one of the prettiest places of the Ionian water. The historic shipwreck on the beach is breathtaking and takes your imagination into the past.

Pfeiffer beach:

Pfeiffer Beach is located in California, America. The beach is famous due to its peculiar purple sand and fantastic offshore rocks. The erosion of the manganese rock is responsible for the purple coloring of the sand. Californian have made the place a treat to watch. Californian Pfeiffer beach is a hidden coast gem on the California coastline. The stunning purple sand stretches in the west coastline of the state. 

Playa de Cofete:

Playa de cofete is located in the city of Morro del Jable in Spain. The beach is a landscape of virgin qualities. It is untouched and unblemished, the beach is famous due to big crushing Atlantic waves, creating majestic and thrilling effects on your imagination. The enchanting beach is located in the Western part of the peninsula. The area is undiscovered by tourists due to its inaccessibility. The incredible beach stretches around 200 km on the coastline of the Island. 

Praia da falésia:

Praia da Falésia is located in Portugal, it is one of the finest beaches in the world. The resonating beach is surrounded by spectacular red sand cliffs. The huge stretch of the sand feels like a little creature in the desert. The red cliffs have an everlasting effect on your memory. The stretch of the beach is almost around 6 km in length and it is visible all along due to the backing of the red cliff.  

Maho Bay beach:

Maho Bay beach is located in St. John know to be as the Island of the West Indies. It is the Island of paradise, on the beach you would feel on a salty and sandy island. Sea turtles are in abundance on the beach, the beach is full of them. You would be quite amazed to see the huge population of Sea turtles and octopuses in Ireland.  You can realize the calmness of the air in the seas of Ireland.

Seven miles beach:

Seven miles Jamaican beach is famous due to its white sand and peaceful and blue waters. The clear turquoise waters are perfect for pleasing temperatures. The lines of Palm trees are making a border of the coastline. You can find shade, on sunny days in Ireland which is pleasing and a bonus for you. It is fascinating to lay on your back and feel the fragrance of the water and palm trees, you would feel yourself in the dreamy world.  You can stroll on the sand to explore the very best of the Caribbean coastline. 

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