, Pick Your Style Statement – Go Vintage

Pick Your Style Statement – Go Vintage

The expression has many languages, and the most aesthetic one is fashion. With our personal styles, we can most eloquently convey ourselves. To pick a style statement is not all about flaunting a look, it is about choosing a style that characterizes your individuality, influences other people, and also looks really great on you.

How to pick a style statement?

Sometimes years of trial and error go by down the road in picking the perfect style that compliments your personality. However, to determine your style, you need to be aware of your body and personality. Once you understand your uniqueness, you can find that object that reflects your inner shine.

Start by choosing an item you wish to make a statement with and find inspiration—be it your 5-year old neighbor, or your sweet loving mother, or even a celebrity who lives 10 thousand miles across you. Your aim should be to find a personality that swings the same levels of energy as yours.

Next, you need to observe their dressing sense and the way they carry them.

Finally, go to the store and choose several different looks you think your inspiration would be flaunting. Try these on and pick the best one that best compliments you. Don’t rush, and take your time to choose your signature item.

Once you are sure of it, take it home and wear it every day to prove a point.

Why Vintage Sunglasses?

Sunglasses are the best fashion accessory to make a style statement. This particular fashion accessory can be used long-term and carried in various styles. Choosing a perfect pair of sunglasses can be daunting, especially if your end game is to tailor a signature look. Simply heading over to an optician won’t be of much help. You need to pitch in your time and effort to find that perfect eyewear that can define “YOU.”

While modern eyewear can be catchy and trendy, the products are mass-produced and will be available in the market for an extended period. Let’s say you drooled over a pair, bought it, and wore it to a party, only to realize someone else is flaunting the same one?

If you wish to make a “personal style” statement, go for something that is one of a kind—something that no one has and no one ever will. Vintage is your best shot here. With its connection to the past, vintage brings uniqueness to your style.

3 Reasons Why Vintage Sunglasses Deserves a Place in Your Wardrobe

  1. If you think wearing vintage will bring the styles of the past back to life, you cannot be more wrong. Fashion that was surging during the old ‘20s to the ‘80s era never really saw the dark side. These sunglasses have kept a strong foothold in the industry and have been flaunted by many strong personalities. A fashion that survived the test of time and hasn’t gone out of style definitely deserves a place in our wardrobe.
  1. There is a reason why your grandma’s old sunglasses bought in the 1940s is stilled jeweled on the shelf, less damaged than the pair you bought last year. Vintage product flaunts the utmost quality, and retain their value lasting for decades. Many products of that time were handmade, unlike the mass-produced stuff today. An old pair can be sturdy and can be used by making a few changes to it. For example, you can add a touch of sparkles on the rim that got brittle with time, giving your pair a completely new look, or turn the shaded glasses into a prescription vintage frame for potential use.
  1. Those with vintage dreams know what I am talking about that vintage will cost you so much less than buying a new pair. If you want to get an affordable vintage frame, never miss out on the garage sales in your neighborhood and pay frequent visits to the thrift and antique stores. You won’t know when you might come across a priceless piece at excellent prices.

How to Shop Genuine Vintage Sunglasses?

Finding genuine vintage sunglasses is not easy as the pieces are rare. It would be best if you made some effort here. Dig into the best and latest vintage sunglasses shops that sell authentic products, check their reviews, contact their suppliers, and then pick one. Many suppliers have an eye for selecting the best products. If you don’t have an eye for it, people can deceive you with a fake pair and rob you. Many stores claim authentic vintage sunglasses, so if you turn to an online shop for help, do your research first. Contact their suppliers and discuss the specific style you are looking for and inquire them about the product. Always visit their stores to check out the piece for yourself. It is better to avoid the purchase if they own a store and discourage you from coming and checking the products in person.

We hope this helps!

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