, Top 10 Best Hotels & Resorts in Chikamagalur Luxury and Affordable

Top 10 Best Hotels & Resorts in Chikamagalur Luxury and Affordable

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The name of Chikmagalur City derives from the word “Chikkamagala Uru” which literally refers to a younger daughter’s city (in Kannada). It is said that Rukmangada’s younger daughter, the iconic president of Sakrepatna, was given as a dowry. Hiremagalur is another part of the sibling’s city.

Some ancient inscriptions point to the fact that these two sites have been Kiriya-muguli and Piriya-muguli. In a fruitful valley south of Baba and Budan Hill, the district settlement is situated. It is a center for education, finance, and transport.

Top 10 Chikmagalur Best Resorts

Chikmagalur is a lovely weekend getaway and a good place to enjoy your vacation. There are no restrictions on places to visit or to enjoy in Chikmagalur and in Chikmagalur. Experience a number of such resorts, including swimming pools, hill-top apartments, Ayurvedic spas, bird watching, fishing, etc. You need not look for reasons to visit Hotels & Resorts in Chikmagalur during the season that is fun all year, and when you’re here you can see what’s best for your stay.

  1. The Serai Chikmagalur

In green western Ghats hills, the Serai Chikmagalur is surrounded by magnificent scenery, which combines a perfect combination of lakes and fauna. There are happy and triste memories that visitors have made over time in this place.

Located on a green hill in the western Ghats, surrounded by rich culture, luminous emotions and different tastes of coffee. Settle in our luxury resort in Chikmagalur your hunger and curiosity. The birthplace of India’s first coffee plantation was Chikmagalur. At the heart of the hills, a great number of plantations are flourishing and are frequently protected by the dense and evergreen forests.

  1. The Gateway Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur gateway is a remarkable blend of modern colonial architecture and performance. The Chikmagalur Gateway offers a new-age experience in nature with modern passengers’ services and amenities.

  1. Doopadcool Homestay

Doopadkool Homestay, 18 kilometers from Chikmagalur, is situated within a large coffee plant. This house provides a splendid view of the Western Ghats, allowing you to rest and unwind from the hectic daily routine. Staying here gives you a relatively comfortable experience of nature. Doopadcool offers traditional Malnad food that allows you to enjoy the local food. It’s a good place to join a lot of family or friends and helps you to connect with greenery in a nice bonfire or barbeque.

  1. Honeydewwz Exoticaa Hotel & Resort

Experience nature in its purest form as we treat you to an unforgettable experience. Honeydew Exotica Hotel & Resort offers an ideal getaway for families and friends, combining the most beautiful adventure, luxury, wonderful views, delicious local cuisine.

  1. Coffee Grove Resort

Coffee Grove Resorts in Chikmagalur, one of the most comfortable and affordable luxury resorts in Chikmagalur, are located in a scenic and untouched location near the main tourism destinations of Chikmagalur. The modern luxuries and facilities are suitable for family, friends, parties, meetings, business groups to make your stay memorable and enjoyable.

  1. The Grand Krishna Luxury Hotel

The “Luxury Hotel” has twenty-seven well-appointed rooms, which are beautifully designed so that visitors can relax and regenerate with a great feeling of fashion while staying. Grand Krishna’s location in the heart of the town is just 1/2 km from the bus terminal.

  1. Hotel Aadrika

Hotel Aadrika, stands in the heart of the city close to the luscious green hills, offering an outstanding hospitality experience. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning and Wi-Fi, divided into luxury room categories, private balcony and suites.

  1. Trivik Hotels & Resorts

A 38-acre plantation on top of the Chikmagalūr hills, around 1622 m above sea level, offering a spa center and sauna, the Trivik Chikmagalur resort offers a large selection for a relaxing stay. A gym and barbecue are offered in the resort, and dining in the restaurant or a lounge cocktail. The building has free private parking.

  1. Siri Nature Roost

Welcome to a carefree, intimate, lovingly designed world inspired heaven where complete luxury meets unlimited freedom. Escape from everyday life and return to a well-to-do life that has a deep connection with the world. Welcome to the Roost Siri Nature. Siri Nature Roost resort, nestling in the wilderness of Chikmagalur, offers a magnificent setting and is a barefoot epitome of luxury.

  1. Winter Greens Resort

Winter Greens, spread over 17 acres of lush greenery at the foot of the westerly Ghats, stands true to its reputation. This eco-friendly resort is ideal for relaxing and rejuvenating, offering affordable esthetically constructed cottages with mango trees and tall coconut trees in Texan style.

From a nearby lake, Winter Greens receives crystal clear water, which adds natural beauty to the location. Built on an island created by man, this recreation center is perfect for wildlife enthusiasts and other wildlife lovers.

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