, What Make KAFTAN DRESSES Don’t Want You To Know

What Make KAFTAN DRESSES Don’t Want You To Know

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Kaftan (also known as Caftan) has become a style statement as a loose fitting long suit, apart from being a symbol of Bohemian lifestyle. It is often worn as a coat or as an over dress too. In some cultures, it is also referred as a symbol of royalty. More recently, the Wedding Kaftan introduced to the west in the late eighteenth century was contrary to the tight- fitting dress.
The beautiful freely-flowing and loosely-fit kaftans are becoming a rage off lately. Kaftans look great on all ages and sizes and when made from quality material, they amplify the persona of the wearer. Some think Kaftans are just for summers or quite a few prefer wearing it over swimmers at the beach. But that is not it; they can be worn casually for parties and even for luxurious celebrations, depending upon the kind of fabric used to prepare it while styling it right with the occasion.

Available in plethora of designs, colors, various lengths and versatile fabrics, a Designer Kaftans can serve as multi-utility garment. For people looking forward to some fashion change, it is a must-have in your wardrobe. But, to look like a fashionista in this funky outfit, you should be conscious about what to pick for yourself. Kaftans have now emerged as one of the trendiest dresses available, since they add volume to your looks by their very design. Though Kaftans are available in three particular lengths, but they can be further modified as per individual’s choice and befitting.
1. Short Kaftans
For women who are short, below waist or hip line kaftans are a great choice to go with pants or a pair of jeans. These are generally a part of the casual wear and appear uber chic.

2. Midi Kaftans
For girls who have a reasonable height and prefer to be comfortable, especially during summers, this is the apt pick. It can be a decent choice, if you’re packing up for a summer holidays by the beach!3. Full length Kaftans
Whether you’re Short, Medium or Tall, these are the most preferred by the Asian Islamic ladies and are generally ankle length. Long kaftans also have wide full sleeves and make a perfect dress for the evening parties or engagements. 

, What Make KAFTAN DRESSES Don’t Want You To Know

Often made from materials like silk, georgette, satin and French crepe, designers have successfully crafted a wide range of other fabrics with crystals & beading embellishments on the neckline & back of the garments. Kaftan styles are often preferred by a niche and wider audience. Ample styles and designs are available in Long kaftans and they come in a variety of heavily embroidered fabrics as well as with decorations, best suited for distinct occasions. In addition, over a period of time it has also been infused with bright, colorful & unique print designs ascribing Middle Eastern & Indian cultures mingled with trending color palettes, just to add more vibrancy to it.We at Kolkozy believe, Kaftans have now become a part of all season wear and its popularity as a women’s staple wear is growing year on year.

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