, Why You Need to Buy Nehru Jacket in 2021

Why You Need to Buy Nehru Jacket in 2021

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After globalisation, the expanse of the Western fashion approach outdid any other influence in India. So, there is a good chance that you might know nothing about the Nehru jacket.

But we have come to a phase in contemporary fashion where you must buy Nehru Jacket to keep up.

Before enlightening you all about the why, here is the answer to what Nehru jackets are!

The OG Nehru Jackets Style

If you look at it as a phenomenon, the colonial influence Westernized the traditional Indian dress. What we were then left with was the Nehru Jacket!

You might find it closely similar to a simple suit jacket. However, the difference is that a button closure replaces the lapels on the top. And it happens that right around the base of the throat.

Moreover, the jacket’s length cuts right by the hip. That cut makes it seem a lot longer than any other types of jackets you might be familiar with.

Now, let us find out why you need to have this narrow stand collar suit in your closet in 2021.

How Does the Nehru Jacket Make You Unique?

The Nehru Jacket is a lot more popular around the Southeast Asian context than in the western hemisphere. You will find India and its neighbouring countries appreciate the true worth of this piece of fashion.

You can probably guess where it gets its name from! Or if you have seen pictures of our former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, this jacket is what he wore most of the time. Here is why you would look unique in one:

  • Power of Nehru: since Nehru played a dominant role in fighting for the country’s independence, the style speaks of dynamics and strength.
  • Unique collar: if one feature sets this jacket apart from any other normal suit, it must be the mandarin collar.
  • Traditional carry-on: the style hails from the Indian style of suits as a part of the northern Indian court dress.
  • Bold stand-up: this collar is as short as 1 to 2 inches with a 0.7 to 2 inches big stand-up collar.

Remember, do not turn this collar down because the intent is not to feature your suit lapel. It adds further to the grandeur-like element to the suit.

The Jazz of a Nehru Jacket

If you are not an avid critic and participant in the fashion world, you could probably miss the difference between the Nehru jacket and a suit jacket.

However, there is jazz to the Nehru Jacket that we just cannot let slide by!

  • Mandarin collar: depending on your taste and comfort, you can design it with a single or double vent.
  • Added dynamics: The dynamics come into effect by fastening the colder with a hook.
  • Boost of confidence: It gives you a clean and sharp look, boosting the confidence you reflect.
  • Easy adaptability: All you need to do is wear a classy Nehru Jacket with matching trousers. If you are feeling experimental, you could also try contrasting combinations. Chances are, you will nail the combination either way!

Regardless, the jacket will not fail to impress your audience. So, the next time you step out shopping for an event, remember to buy a Nehru jacket. Rest assured, the eyes will be on you!

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