Exclusive Range of Traditional Moroccan Kaftan Dresses for Bride – Kaftan Wedding Dress

Exclusive Range of Traditional Moroccan Kaftan Dresses for Bride – Kaftan Wedding Dress

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Worn throughout the world, the Moroccan kaftan (caftan) has long held a desired fashion as well as cultural status. However, in Morocco it enjoys a special significance. The dress is worn exclusively by women for Bride occasions, both as an everyday outfit and haute-couture attire —depending on the material.

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Moroccan Kaftan Dress are often representative of the diverse cultural identities and cultural heritage influences. Many of the elements required are produced in the medinas even today. It is not uncommon to see men preparing the colourful threads, women selling the buttons they have prepared at home required for finishing to be finally put on display, and the belt-makers’ workshops where the embroidered Moroccan Kaftan Dress colourful accessories are prepared to complete the look.

While the usage of cotton in Moroccan Kaftan Dresses is ample throughout the medina in colourful cottons with accenting stitching and piping, these are best suited to the house or on hot summer days. The defining features of a kaftan are its long sleeves, often worn with heels given the length of the cut. More elegant Online Bridal kaftan styles are reserved for special occasions and wedding celebrations, and are worn with great pride by all classes of society. In fact, true fashionistas head to their designers for a hand-made dress that is often beaded and decorated with embroidery and using the finest fabrics that represent the woman’s discrete style.

Moroccan Kaftan Dresses

In some nations, kaftans are worn as an outer garment, whereas in Morocco they are worn like a dress. Moroccan kaftans may have long or short sleeves, which may be fitted or loose. Although, Moroccan Kaftan Dresses are not generally worn outside the home for performing everyday tasks, rather, ladies don an attractive kaftan for special occasions. Plainer kaftans, made from regular materials, may also be in a lady’s casual wardrobe.

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