, 30 Minute Workout Routine (BODY WEIGHT EXERCISES)
30 Minute Workout Routine (BODY WEIGHT EXERCISES)

30 Minute Workout Routine (BODY WEIGHT EXERCISES)

30 Minute Workout Routine (BODY WEIGHT EXERCISES)

Why would I need a 30 minute workout routine? being honest the average person benefits more from short mini workouts. Strength, muscle mass and endurance are just a few of the benefits. Using bodyweight exercises we can put together a bodybuilding workout plan without having to use any gym equipment at all. This gives us the ability to get in a quick heart pumping workout almost anywhere. No matter if your traveling and in a hotel room, park or in the middle of your living room these body-weight exercises will give you no excuse to miss a workout anymore.Chocobo Names

30 minute workout routine

The Benefits of a 30 Minute Workout Routine
Actually research has showed that twenty minutes of HIIT training about 2 or 3 times a week, will give greater results than the normal way, done at 5 times a week. You can check it out at Fitness.mercola.com

Switching up these body weight exercises in one single session, your endurance and speed improves with each training period. Doing these short burst high intensity exercises, your heart rate and overall intensity level increase more then if you trained continuously at a lazy pace or at fifty percent of giving it everything you got. So give it all you got for a short period of time and your body will be on fire and benefit in ways that you could only imagine.


More Bang for Your Buck
Keeps Interest
Increases Performance
Easy to Perform
Builds Foundation for Longevity

The Body Weight Exercises
The exercises Im going to add to this 30 minute workout routine, consist of nothing but body weight exercises. These will be three upper body exercises, three lower body exercises and two miscellaneous. I chose these exercises because they all engage the core muscles. These are also compound movements, meaning they work multiple muscles at one time giving us more bang for your buck.The upper body exercises should work your chest, back and shoulders. The hamstrings and Quads, working opposite major muscle groups. First we’re gonna warm up for about five minutes. Then we’ll be doing the exercises below one right after the other for one minute each until the end then rest for a minute or two. After that just repeat the exercises excluding the warmup.

Upper Body

Hindu Pushup (1:00 min.)
Plank (1:00 min.)
Side Plank (0:30 sec.) each side
Lower Body

Hindu Squats (1:00 min.)
Lounge Jumps (1:00 min)
Wall Sit (1:00 min)

Burpees (1:00 min.)
Plank Runs (1:00 min.)

L ike I said above do these one after another and give it all you got, rest for 2 minutes then do it again. Even if you only have 10 minutes to spare, do this circuit routine one time full throttle and it will get your heart to pumping and muscles going real good. So with just a 30 minute workout routine you’ll lower the risk of diabetes, osteoporosis and heart disease.

It only takes 30 minutes to add years of good health to your life!!!

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