, Michael B Jordan Workout Routine | THE MOVIE CREED
Michael B Jordan Workout Routine | THE MOVIE CREED

Michael B Jordan Workout Routine | THE MOVIE CREED

Michael B Jordan Workout Routine | THE MOVIE CREED

Actor Michael B. Jordan, who plays the illegitimate son of Apollo Creed, from the legendary “Rocky” films, really went through a major transformation for this film. The transformation into Adonis Creed took about 6 months with high intensity and hard work. Having Sylvester Stalone as a mentor off and on the camera he gets the best of both worlds, being that Rocky is in his corner guiding his path as an professional boxer. Well here at healthykinfolk.com were gonna give you the full Michael B Jordan Workout RoutinePool Team Name

michael b jordan workout routine

M ichael’s trainer Corey Calliet, being a bodybuilder knew exactly which muscle groups to target to get the look of a champion. “I wanted to make him look even more ripped than Apollo, and I think we did that” said Calliet. Lifting heavy and performing a lot of compound exercises, allowed the maximum amount of muscle tissue to be broken down, keeping the focus on perfect form and repetitions being kept between 8 to12 reps.

Before completing the Michael B Jordan workout routine, Michael was already in pretty good shape. In 6 months putting on about 25 pounds of straight muscle, with hard work and dedication, 6 days a week and 2 hours a session, almost anyone could make the same transformation.

michael b jordan workout routine

I wanted to make him look even more ripped than Apollo, and I think we did that

Michael B Jordan Workout Routine For Creed
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Notes: 3 Sets of each exercise Pyramid style (increasing weight each set)

Repetition range is between 6-12 for every set. Major focus on perfect form.

Rest time between Sets was 60 Seconds, which resulted in better conditioning and increased fat burning.

Monday: Chest and Triceps
Barbell Bench Press
Weighted Dips
Underhand Grip Triceps Press-Down
Db Overhead Triceps
Db Bench Press
Barbell Incline Bench Press
EZ Bar Eccentric Focus Skull Crush (Focusing on negative portion – aka lowering the weight)
Close Grip EZ Bar Press
Low Cable Chest Fly
Diamond Pushups until Failure
Tuesday: Back and Biceps
Underhand Grip Lateral Pull down
Weighted Wide Grip Pull Ups
Weighted Close Grip Pull Ups
Seated row Machine
Db 1 Arm Row
Slow Motion Barbell Curls
Underhand Grip Lateral Pull Down Curls
Wednesday: Hamstrings, Abs, Jump Rope Session
Note: Wednesday’s included an intense 45-minute abdominal training and jump rope training session at the end of the workout to prepare Michael for his boxing role.

Stiff Leg Deadlift
Lying Hamstring Curl Machine
Hamstring Swiss Ball Curls
Romanian Deficit Deadlift
Db 1 Arm Kettle Bell Snatch
Seated Prone Curl
Weighted Russian Twist Abdominals
Hanging Leg Raise
Weighted Abdominal Plank Holds
Bicycle Crunch Abdominals
20 Minute Speed Rope Cardio
Thursday: Quadriceps, Biceps, Boxing Session
Note: Thursday included a 30-minute boxing cardio style workout. Michael Also included a second biceps day as he wanted his arms to really stand out and look powerful for his role as Adonis

Barbell Squat
Db Walking Lunges
Leg Extension Machine
Db Bulgarian Split Squat
Single Leg – Leg press
Spider Bicep Curls
Barbell Forehead Curls
Db Alternate Bicep Curls
Db Across the Body Bicep Curls
30-minute boxing Cardio
Friday: Off Day
Note: This was Michael B Jordan’s only rest day of the week. He usually spent these off days studying boxing footwork and worked on his mechanics in the ring.

Saturday: Shoulders, Traps, Abdominals, Speed Rope Session
Barbell Military Shoulder Press
Db Shoulder Press
Single Arm Lateral Raise
Db Shoulder Shapers
Db Shrugs
Barbell Shrugs
Abdominal X’s and O’s
Beach Body Abdominal Routine
30 Minute Speed Rope Cardio Session
Sunday: Compound Exercises, Abs, Boxing Cardio Session
Barbell Deadlift
Barbell Front Squat
Db Incline Bench Press
Underhand Grip Barbell Row
Weighted Abdominal Crunches
Weighted Rope Crunches
Weighted Plank holds
30-minute boxing cardio session

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