Reflexology alleviate muscle tension and stress, Reflexology Alleviate Muscle Tension And Stress
Reflexology alleviate muscle tension and stress

Reflexology Alleviate Muscle Tension And Stress

Reflexology is a practical healing art based on ancient Chinese remedies. Like acupressure,

it promotes self-healing and works with the body’s energy flow to maintain balance.

The exercise involves treating specific parts of the foot (probably the hands and ears)

that may correspond to specific parts of the body.

Reflexology can replenish energy by relieving muscle tension and stress. Gas Grill And Griddle Combo

“The theory of reflexology is based on a kind of map of the human body,” explains Bill Frocco, a leading reflexology practitioner in the United States. “Imagine splitting your body into 10 wide vertical strips,

One for your big toe, one for your big toe, and one for your toes and big toes.

It is inside the body and works in the corresponding zones of the hands, ears, and feet.

” Reflexology alleviates muscle tension and stress

and the sole of the foot corresponds to the upper abdomen.

touch and pressure to these areas, Flocco states:

” He explains, as the result is a cascade of chemical events that reduce stress and pain and often increase energy. .

Muscle relaxation improves circulation, opens capillaries, and transports more blood to cells in the body,” says Flocco.

If you want to see your energy boosted, this is all good news.

“As more oxygen and nutrients are supplied

to cells and cells ingest more oxygen and nutrients,

the thousands of chemicals that are transported around

the body and support the healing process, including endorphins,

become better. You can produce it. “

how are you feeling
Most people find reflexology to be very relaxed in most cases.

Reflexology should not be painful.

If you feel uncomfortable, be sure to tell your reflexologist. Reflexology alleviate muscle tension and stress

He or she must work in your comfort zone. Reflexology alleviate muscle tension and stress

Some areas can be tender or painful, and reflexologists can spend extra time on these points. Pain should decrease with pressure.

If you want to tickle, don’t worry. Reflexologists put a lot of pressure on their feet.

Most people feel calm and relaxed after a treatment. They may feel drowsy.

They are temporary and are considered part of the healing process.

Why do people get reflexology?

Stress and stress-related conditions
Tension headaches
Digestive disorders
Hormonal imbalances
Sports injuries

Reflexology is a popular alternative therapy.

American Cancer Society journal found that one-third of cancer

patients used reflexology as a complementary therapy.

Reflexology is recommended as a complementary therapy and should not replace medical treatment.

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