, Top 7 Strength Training Exercises For Women

Top 7 Strength Training Exercises For Women

Why is exercising important for women?

Generally, for any human being, exercising should be a crucial part of the day to day life. There are many advantages to working out, and it has additional benefits than just gaining muscle. With the advancement in technology, we have started to rely on new additions in our life heavily. Rather than walking, which was common in the past, we prefer to drive or take the car. In the past, for short distances, people would either walk or cycle to their destination. With buses, cabs and cars becoming common people are more inclined towards using these latest services to save time. We have heard time is money, but in order to save time, we end up sacrificing our health and fitness.

The old lifestyle had exercising intertwined in our day-to-day life. Sufficient walking, running, and cycling provided us with the basic fitness we required and ensured that we stay healthy. However, in today’s lifestyle, most of us have the absence of exercise in our life that needs to be fulfilled. We have to find time in the day and dedicate it towards exercise so that we can maintain our health. This article by best ghostwriting services is dedicated to providing information to women who wish to add exercise to their list of daily activities.

Exercises for women are extremely crucial as it not only adds strength but also enable s you to feel fresh every single day. Waking up a little early to carry out this routine of seven strengthening exercises for women will provide you with the best start to the day. Exercising every day has many great advantages. At first, it keeps you fit and allows you to feel energetic throughout the day. Exercise also helps a person sow the aging process. You can fight wrinkles and loose skin by staying in shape, making you feel younger and much more confident. Exercises for women also prevent osteoporosis, which is basically the weakening of bones.

Women tend to complain a lot about body pain which is why exercising can ease your pain. Exercises for women also help in weight loss, making you feel light and full of energy at all times. It also allows your body to be stronger from within and maintains your immune system to fight common illnesses that can be seen with increasing age.

Different type of exercises for women

Flexibility training

Exercising to increase your flexibility is extremely popular, especially when it comes to exercises for women. Stretching and bending to increase flexibility in muscle and joints increases reaction time and helps in many different sports. It adds grace to a women’s posture and is a great way to work out before a hard day ahead. If you are into getting self-defence classes and martial arts training, flexibility training will help you a lot.

Aerobics and yoga

Unlike exercises that work your muscles and increase your physical health, aerobics is a combination of exercises for women that increase lung and heart capacity. The workout allows your heart to pump more blood and your lungs to take in more air. This form of exercise increases your stamina and also provides you with an intense aerobic workout. If you are the kind of woman that loves to take part in different sports, you will have a great advantage due to aerobics training. Aerobic includes sports such as running and cycling to increase heart rate rapidly and provide enriched blood to all parts of the body.

Strength training

These exercises for women are all connected to your muscles. Giving your arms, legs, and shoulders a daily workout is necessary. The exercises for women not only increase your strength but also make you much more durable. As you continue to read on, you will find exercises for women that are targeted to all three types of exercises to give you an intense workout. The exercise will keep you fresh and get you ready for the day ahead. Strength exercises will help you burn unwanted fat and push you towards reaching the desired weight. It will also help in reducing body pain and decrease the chances of injury.

Top 7 exercises for women to develop strength

These seven exercises are easy to do and can be done in your house as they require very little or no equipment. A gym or yoga mat is recommended when exercising to get an even surface that does not hurt you.

  1. Push up

One of the most common exercises to develop strength and muscle is the traditional pushup. When doing a pushup, you are working on various different parts of your body at the same time. Your chest, biceps, and shoulders are all worked simultaneously, providing you with a complete upper body workout. It is also seen that women love to work on upper body strength. By having pushups as part of your day-to-day exercise, you will start to develop a core. As a first-timer attempting to carry out a set of pushups start from an elevated position. Using a table or a steady chair could be easier than doing pushups on the ground on your first attempt. Remember, the closer you are to the ground, the harder it is for you to do pushups.

  1. Split squat

A pure lower body exercise for women focuses on enhancing lower body strength. The split squat uses a kettlebell to add some weight to the exercise and test your calves and thighs.

  1. Planks

A plank is said to be one of the hardest exercises known to humanity. While being in the state of a plank, you realize how slow time really passes. However, when in the position of a plank, you are working every part of your body while inhaling and exhaling rhythmically. You can vary in both front plank and side plank depending on how much endurance you have.

  1. Farmer carry

The farmer carry consists of carrying a kettlebell in each hand. The exercise involves the person standing upright and walk short distances with the weights in their hand. This exercise for women increases their strength and weight lifting technique. At the same time, making them more durable, as they are working upper and lower body muscles at the same time.

  1. Wall press dead bug

In this exercise, you lie on your back against a wall, with your knee bend at 90 degrees. You slowly take turns extending each leg and return back to the original position to repeat with the other leg. The exercise focuses on your abs and legs and provides an intense workout of your core.

  1. Kettlebell swings

This exercise requires additional equipment that can easily be found at the gym, but you may need to purchase it if you plan to work out at home. A kettlebell is a weight that is shaped like a circle with a large handle, providing a better grip them dumbbells. The KB swings work your hips into lifting weight and carrying out a swinging motion.

  1. Pause bear crawl

The pause bear crawl is a harder adaptation of the plank. The exercise works your abs and adjoining muscles along with working your shoulders. The exercise quickly elevates your heart rate. The exercise resembles walking on all fours while only moving opposite hands and feet at a time.

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