, Workout Routine For Home|Abdominal Exercises
bs Workout Routine For Home|Abdominal Exercises

Workout Routine For Home|Abdominal Exercises

bs Workout Routine For Home|Abdominal Exercises

When it comes to abs everybody wants them but many people have no clue of what it takes to truly get them. Even the best abs workout routine in the world wouldn’t help you with out learning the truth about abdominal muscles. So if you’ve been hitting the sit ups and crunches with very little to no results, you should really read the next section before you start looking for abdominal exercises. Names That Mean Death

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First of all, You don’t get abdominal muscles by doing ab exercises alone. So with that being said you can put those crunches and sit ups in the closet because it’s a few exercises thats more efficient that we’ll get into in just a minute. To get those rock hard abs you see on the commercials and online gimmicks, you have to get rid of the body fat. So fellas if yo want your abs to show you should get your body fat percentage down to about 10 to 12 percent, for women its about 16 to 20 percent.

Im not saying their’s no need for abs training because you’ll definitely have to work them to get them to pop out like a high definition television. So just getting your body fat down to the percentages I said earlier will make it so your abs show but a nice abs workout routine along with some good clean eating both are needed to get the shredded abs everyone talks about.

Two Ingredients to shredded abs

Reduce Body Fat Percentage With Clean Eating.
Start an Abs Workout Routine

You do these two things and your abdominal muscles will most definitely show. What I’m going to be showing you will be exercises for stomach muscles and see if we can put together a six pack workout.

Best exercises for Abs
Me personally I don’t like doing sit-ups or crunches but some believe that you have to incorporate some kind of crunch or sit-up in your abs workout routine. I prefer more effective ways of working my abs, using core exercises like hindu squats that also work other parts of the body. When you put these type of exercises into your abdominal routine, doing them in short intense bursts you really get some good cardio at the same time. Doing it this way is much more efficient and helps to get your fat percentages down even quicker. Below I’m going to list some beginner all the way to advanced ab exercises then put together a short intense abs workout routine.

Ab Exercises

Tai Chi Twist
Invisible Ball Twist
Planks (side,rolls, ect.)
Plank Runs
Dolphin Push up
Horse Sit-up
Hip Dip Exercise
V Up Exercise
Dragon Flags
Ab Wheel Roll outs
Gracie Drills
These are just a few good abdominal exercises I added with the help of a few of my friends from Reddit’s bodyweight fitness community . They should get you going in the right direction as far as making an abs workout routine.

Abs Workout Routine
Now we’ll use some of the exercises for a flat stomach listed above to put together an abs workout routine. You’re going to do these till failure one after another only stoping if you need a drink of water.

Plank Runs
plank run workout routines
How to do the Plank Run Exercise

Starting in the regular pushup position, pull your knee up to your chest then bring it back down to where you started out at repeating on the other side.
Do it as quickly as possible while while maintaining correct form. Plank runs work the entire body including your core which will be our first of our abs workout routine because its great for cardio just as much as strength. Try to aim for at least a minute but we’ll be doing them till we can’t do anymore.

Dolphin Pushups
abs workout routine

How to do a Dolphin Pushup

Starting with your body about 3 to 4 inches above the ground, supported by your elbows and toes. Now your going to poke your butt in the air as high as you can, you should be looking like a dolphin jumping out of the water. Now move back to the start position and repeat until failure.
Dolphin Pushups work multiple muscles including the abs and core, when on the way down try to do these kinda slow as it really engages the core muscles more.

V Up Exercises

abs workout routine

How to do the V Up exercise

With your back laying flat on the ground face up, legs stretched out and arms up over your head. Lift your upper body and arms at the same time with your lower legs (straight out) till they meet right on top of you. Then Lower yourself back to where you started from and do it again until failure.
This exercise is great for for your upper and lower abs. Try to keep your back straight as possible and remember to breath out on the way up and in on the way out.

Gracie Drills

How to do Gracie Drills

Starting like your about to do a regular pushup, swoop your right leg up under you while at the same time swinging your left arm behind you till your left hand reaches the floor. Then swoop your leg back to the starting position, keeping on to the other side in one smooth motion.
Gracie drills works your whole body including the abs. Make sure to breathe in and out slowly while you are performing this move. By the way if you have problems with your wrist, be careful doing this exercise.

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