Yoga helps reduce back pain, Yoga helps reduce back pain
Yoga helps reduce back pain

Yoga helps reduce back pain

Yoga is probably the last thing that comes to mind when considering a solution to back pain, but after six months of study using Myanmar yoga twice a week for six months, participants were getting less pain. Best Pellet Grills Under 1000
“I had a lot of problems on my back, and the pain went to my left foot, which was really terrible,” said Linmary Kuntz, 62.

Kuntz was one of 90 people who participated in the study of Iyengar yoga.

The survey was conducted by West Virginia University.
Story by Macall Allen

Half of the people participated in 24-week yoga therapy and the other half, the control group, continued with standard care.

“Low back pain is different from treatment and has only been partially successful using a medical approach,” said researcher Dr. Kimberly Williams. Yoga helps reduce back pain

Williams became interested in Iyengar’s therapy style after experiencing his own back pain.

When she gets better, she says she turned to helping someone who had never practiced yoga.

The yoga method uses the principles of alignment and the use of props to get the most out of the pose principles.

“We are trained to learn to observe to know when people need to adjust or adjust their puzzles,” says Siegfried Brayer, Iyengar’s yoga instructor.

This study, published in a journal of spinal medicine, shows that people like Kuntz can benefit and relieve their pain.

“I want to beat a tree right now, but the program really helped me, so I have no more back problems,” said Kuntz.

Some participants in the study moved to regular yoga classes. Yoga helps reduce back pain

Williams plans to do more research in the future to add group-backed control groups using a larger sample size.

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