mukbang, 6 Most Common Foods in Mukbang Videos Online

6 Most Common Foods in Mukbang Videos Online

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Who says no to food? No one except someone with an already-super-full tummy! Nowadays, food is not simply food. For some people, food is their source of income and online popularity. One of the ways is through making and uploading mukbang videos.

Mukbang is an online eating show, but seriously, ‘eating’ is an understatement for it. This content is more like extreme pigging out. Hosts of mukbang munch on tremendous amounts of food. The food could be all the same in one seating or could come from a single category. 

To know more, check out these 6 most common foods that mukbangers devour on their mukbang videos online.


mukbang, 6 Most Common Foods in Mukbang Videos Online

Lobsters, crabs, oysters, octopuses, squids, fish, shrimps and more. Seafood is among the most popular mukbang foods. 

Seafood never fails to make mouths water just by their fresh and plump visuals! Some mukbang hosts eat them raw.

The sounds of cracking crab legs and shellfish are perfect for ASMR. Some feature seafood stews that definitely make one drool just by the sound of them. You can’t ignore the steam coming out of their bowls too! You can already feel how invigorating they must be.


mukbang, 6 Most Common Foods in Mukbang Videos Online

Chicken is everywhere! Chicken wings and drumsticks are very famous mukbang foods. Aside from the fact that they are easy to hold with bare hands, they just have the look that makes them prettier on screen!

The crunchiness of chicken is adored by ASMR lovers! Add to that the flavorful-looking sauces and dips that hosts use. And of course, you cannot skip the part where they tear apart those tasty chicken wings and drumsticks to show the tenderness and juiciness they contain!


mukbang, 6 Most Common Foods in Mukbang Videos Online

It’s not healthy just by looking at it, but some mukbang hosts chomp on burgers and fries. Note that a lot of them do not simply choose regular burgers but those with more than one patty and those with ingredients that make the burgers look like they are about to burst. On the side are the trays of fries — slim and golden!

Although many people love burgers and fries, mukbang about them make some people frown, too, as these foods are fine to eat but not in such an unhealthy amount. 


mukbang, 6 Most Common Foods in Mukbang Videos Online

Not only greasy and saucy food but also sweets are in mukbang contents. 

Doughnuts are common in dessert mukbang videos. You can feel how the teeth feel just by watching the host gobble down a lot of doughnuts in one seating, without other food.


mukbang, 6 Most Common Foods in Mukbang Videos Online

Some mukbang hosts attract viewers through the enticing appeal of pizzas! Some would choose different flavors in one show, while some would focus on a single flavor only.

Who wouldn’t want those bewitching slices of pies in the middle of the night, right? Right. Imagine the mozzarella cheese stretching out as the pizza slice is being pulled out from its circle. Oh wow!


mukbang, 6 Most Common Foods in Mukbang Videos Online

Mukbang originated in Korea. That’s probably why noodles are a common mukbang food. 

When so many packs of noodles are cooked, they give that jaw-dropping appearance that makes you ask if the mukbanger can really eat them all. They also are not so healthy when snarfed in huge amounts since they do not get digested easily.

Noodles are popular also because slurping them and their soups make a good ASMR highlight in mukbang videos without the host needing to try so hard.



Some mukbang hosts try bizarre food selections as if the enormous food quantity is not bizarre enough. Nonetheless, the above-mentioned are among the most usual foods in mukbang videos. A lot of these foods may not be good for one’s health since they are consumed in gigantic amounts, so it’s quite overwhelming how mukbang hosts do what they do. 

If you plan to do a mukbang video of yourself to post it online, know the risks too. There are pros and cons of hosting mukbang, so you cannot just do it so many times solely for fun. 



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