, There are countless benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar
There are countless benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

There are countless benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

There are countless benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar and it is also one of the best remedies at the times of the menstrual cycle. To reduce the period problems one can always depend on the Apple cider Vinegar which helps in regulating the periodic cycle, reduces heavy bleeding and also treat pain and discomfort at this time of the month.Witty Rogue Names

Add 2 teaspoons of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar to a glass of water.
Take it 3 times daily during your period.
Food Rich in Vitamin C
Vitamin C food

It is often due to the hormonal imbalance one faces heavy bleeding at the time of periods. Vitamin C helps in balancing the hormones, it reduce the amount of progesterone which helps in the flow of toxins out of the body with ease. The Food rich in Vitamin C also helps in relaxing the uterus and therefore the fluid during the cycles flow out with less discomfort and without any pain. Therefore, one should take a good amount of food which is rich in Vitamin C especially to overcome the period problems discomfort at the time of menstruation cycle.

You can take Vitamin C supplements after the consult of the doctor.
Take green and leafy vegetables, citrus fruits etc. which are rich in vitamin C.
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Red Raspberry
raspberry tea

Sometimes elongated menstrual time also adds to the discomfort and pain. To end the period and its discomfort faster one can try the Red Raspberry. This fruit is said to have a property to tone the uterine which hence promote the blood flow, relief the menstrual cramps and also help end the period faster. Even if you try the one cup of Raspberry leaf tea every day you will suffer from very light pain and cramps during these days. Moreover, the Raspberry tea is considered to be a mild uterine tonic which strengthens the uterine muscles and regulate painless cycles.

Add a handful of raspberry, dried or fresh leaves to two cups of water.
Boil the water and then simmer it for at least 5 minutes.
Then, strain it and drink this herbal fluid for 2-3 times in a day.
turmeric milk

Turmeric has the property to regulate the body and bring back into balance, it mostly has the blood thinning quality and therefore, break up clots and also reduce excessive blood flow during menstruation. It often happens due to the hormonal imbalance, an excessive amount of sheds is built up in uterine lining which is hence balanced by the turmeric to reduce the pain. Turmeric inhibits the prostaglandin synthesis which has the beneficial effect on menstruation cramps. It is also said that turmeric increases the body heat which perhaps increases the flow and makes the periodic cycle also end faster.

Heat a glass of warm milk with 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder in it.
Drink this liquid twice daily during the period.
The above remedies are very effective to reduce the period problems, so try to follow it if you also face discomfort during menstruation cycle for quick relief.

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