, Top 10 Biggest and the Best Wedding Cake Trends for 2021

Top 10 Biggest and the Best Wedding Cake Trends for 2021

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Wedding cakes have come a long way from the limited conventional options available in the past. Today, there is a bewildering assortment of options. Let’s find out what wedding cake trends would be tall and sweet this year, breaking down the trends into ten mouth-watering designs:

  1. Naked Cakes

A timeless and delectable option for a wedding cake that is unlikely to go out of style anytime soon. As the year progresses, this powerful trend is expected to continue to evolve and develop in style. Tall tiered cakes with fresh flowers and summer fruits on each tier, tidy and formal or rustic and casual, with decorations on each tier or elegantly cascading down the cake, are a popular choice. Each one is unique, and no two wedding cakes are ever the same.

To whom are they most suited? Naked cakes are appropriate for an informal celebration or as a centerpiece for a dessert table, but they are also appropriate for a smart and official setting. Given the size and splendour of the finished cake, this is a good cake choice for the more budget-conscious.

  1. Buttercream Cakes

For couples who prefer something a little less formal than sugar paste or royal frosting, this is a lovely alternative. Buttercream gives the wedding cake a rustic look and can be silky, grainy, or piped in a design for a beautiful finish. It’s perfect for a rustic, vintage-style wedding, with fresh or sugar flowers added to match the venue’s decor and bridal bouquet.


  1. Chocolate Cakes

If you serve chocolate cake for your wedding breakfast, your guests will become lifelong friends. Chocolate cakes with chocolate icing or ganache smell and look amazing and are expected to be the most popular cake choice in 2021. They’re elegant and classy, and they’d be perfect for a winter wedding. These cakes, which are sleek and trendy and feature a cascade of fresh fruit or flowers, will appeal to any foodie, ensuring a room full of delighted guests.


  1. Sugar Flowers

This year, adding handcrafted sugar blossoms makes a bold statement. The blossoms can be customized to match the fresh flowers in the bridal bouquet and serve as a lasting reminder of the wedding day. They’re as delicate as bone china and take hours to make, yet they’re ageless and one-of-a-kind, making them a memorable choice for any modern bride. This trend has clearly catapulted into the twenty-first century, and it is no longer considered an outmoded option. Blousy peonies, old English garden roses, untamed and sumptuous open tulips, and beautiful magnolias are among the most popular selections this year.

As and when the money allows, they will be used as single blossom centerpieces or dozens grouped together for an extravagant cascade. It’s a lovely purchase for a formal, huge wedding, with the extra benefit of being able to keep the flowers as a remembrance.

  1. Personalized Bride and Groom Toppers

Personalized toppers are one of my favorite ones, and I’m delighted to see that they’re still in high demand in 2021. Details from the bride and groom’s wedding dresses, haircuts, and accessories were used to create caricature models. Every feature, including kids, dogs, and sporting equipment, is customized! While having a lot of fun while remaining reasonable and stylish, the wedding cake should never resemble a birthday cake; therefore, it should be clever, precise, and well-made. They are a lasting keepsake that lasts long after the cake has been consumed and may be ordered as a cake topper to be used separately or incorporated into the cake.


  1. Bright Colored Cakes

This year’s style statement is brightly decorated wedding cakes, which are a powerful and modern choice. They provide a confident splash of colour to the wedding celebration by being bold and attention-catching. They are ideally suited to a vibrantly coloured location with a strong theme. This cake, on the other hand, would look just as good in an all-white setting, giving a vibrant pop of colour to the proceedings.

  1. Golds, Metallics, Shimmers and Glitters

Everything that glimmers shimmers, glows, and glistens is unquestionably a wonderful thing. This year’s wedding cake trend is to incorporate metallic components, moving away from merely gold and silver and toward more richly toned coppers and rose gold. Edible metallic tiers and embellishments like paint and sequins, which ooze richness, are unmistakably here to stay in the months to come.


  1. Lace and Vintage

Lace can be featured in stenciling, moulds, piping, or a fabric trim and has been displaced from its top spot this year, but it is still a classically gorgeous component for a wedding cake. This element appears in the most classic, modern wedding cakes and will continue to do so because it is one of the most classic ways to create a cake in the most romantic of fashions.


  1. Macarons and the many alternatives

This year, ice cream cakes, piles of pies, stacks of cheese truckles, doughnut towers, cheesecakes, and croquembouche pyramids are among the many options to the more or less typical wedding cake selections. However, for the more price-conscious or creative wedding, a little bake-off, putting your attendees to work to contribute to the dessert table, and fostering some healthy competition on the day between family and friends is a favourite new trend.

  1. Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers will continue to be a popular trend in the coming year. Fresh flower corsages, cascades, and separators are a seamless method to merge the cake design with the wedding venue styling while still making an impact. Incorporating herbs, lavender, and small fruits and veggies are a big trend for 2021. This summer, look for tiny apples, limes, chiles, and artichokes, among other things. This cake style is appealing and fragrant; it’s romantic, and it’s a simple and effective method to match your cake to your styling.

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