, Google Sniper 2.0 Beat Me At My Own Game!
Google Sniper 2.0 Beat Me At My Own Game!

Google Sniper 2.0 Beat Me At My Own Game!

So here I go and write this post stating my new plan which is to focus on smaller websites promoting just one product on each site as opposed to “spinning my wheels” on this one.

Life and all of its an infinite irony then throws a new program my way (and I haven’t posted a new program here in a while) called Google Sniper which was created by George Brown.

The first thing I noticed was it’s low return rate, anytime I see that I feel compelled to take a look simply because “numbers don’t lie!”

VISIT THIS SITE: conflict-news

I have to admit my first reaction was exactly this; “I was really friggin PISSED!”

I honestly felt like an idiot; I mean a year and a half I have been at this and again it all just “clicked.”

However, (and this is a big however) I quickly remembered that this guy is some big millionaire guru and I am on track with what he’s doing. Yeah, it took awhile….but I am completely self-taught here, and I have no clue what George Brown’s background is, nor how long it took him to figure all this out.

So why did I feel compelled to write this post about Google Sniper you ask? Because it is what I started doing and it works!!!!

My intention here has always been for other entrepreneurs to “get it.”

In every sense of the word I want my readers to learn what I have and find the success they desire because it is out there! Google Sniper is literally a blueprint of what I am doing!!!

The image below is an example of what the goal is with affiliate marketing, owning the number one spot on Google without ever buying traffic! I have done this with Znz for a long time on this site, and now

I started creating many smaller sites focusing on just one main source of traffic so I can own them to!

What George Brown is saying in his video presentation is all about throwing up affiliate sites (many of them) in a lower competitive niche for fast and easy ranking. Now I take for granted the knowledge I have learned and how quickly it all comes to me (now), but it wasn’t always that way

I PROMISE! I forget that most newbies can’t go from a domain name to a fully functioning website in a couple of hours; I am blessed to say that I can. (now)

Google Sniper is designed to walk you through the process of building these sites within hours and do exactly what I am doing. (that is working sooooo well 🙂 )

I can’t remember when I have been more excited about new product being released. (another reason I intended to leave this site alone for awhile, so much CRAP out there)

I strongly urge you all to seriously consider this one; I have not purchased it because I feel no need to…. I know exactly what George Brown is doing and I highly recommend it.

PERIOD! As soon as I have seen (and listened to) the video I just knew what he was doing, and I stopped everything to write this post and throw up a new affiliate site for Google Sniper.

It literally takes me no more than 2 hours to build a site like this, and since it is all content targeting the same niche keywords they rank quickly.

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