Abdominal Exercises during The Pregnancy Period, Abdominal Exercises during The Pregnancy Period
Abdominal Exercises during The Pregnancy Period

Abdominal Exercises during The Pregnancy Period

Is not it dangerous to do abdominal exercises during pregnancy? Experiencing pregnancy is a
very happy moment. So do not be surprised if a mother will be getting more attention from the entire family. All attention will be devoted to her. Witty Rogue Names

Abdominal Exercises for Pregnant Women

You must have heard or seen family or friends who are in the pregnancy gets a lot of restrictions. Do not move much. Do not go up and down stairs. Do this, do so. Instead of many restrictions, you may prefer a light activity, sit down! It is not right. Abdominal Exercises during The Pregnancy Period

Sure enough, when the early days of pregnancy, there are many things that must be guarded because of early pregnancy status of the fetus in the womb is still strong for the activity.

When a pregnancy has reached the fourth or fifth month, usually the condition of pregnancy is quite strong. Pregnant women are strongly advised to keep doing the exercises, abdominal exercises are also good for pregnant women. Abdominal Exercises during The Pregnancy Period

But in doing so should be under supervision. It is a good exercise because it will help prepare the body, especially the abdomen when changing shape.

Facilitate the delivery to come, and abdominal exercises also ease the process of reconstruction when the pregnancy is over.

Many women who complain when after give birth, they immediately take the form of abdominal exercises to restore back to normal.

Types of Stomach Exercises during Pregnancy

During pregnancy require special attention other than to maintain body condition. Pregnant women generally complain of pain in the waist. Generally motion exercises for pregnant women aimed at reducing complaints of back pain, health fitness tips to prepare the body for nature childbirth.

But keep also in mind to keep the fetus in the womb do not experience stress due to excess activity. Some forms of Health tips for abdominal exercises recommended during pregnancy:

• Abdominal breathing exercises

Supine sleeping position then put a pillow on back. Then the knees bent to position the distance between the knees approximately 20 cm.

Put both hands on her stomach around the center as a stimulant. Exhale from the mouth by blowing with a hand pressing the abdomen.

Inhale through your nose with your mouth closed. Inflate belly pushing both hands upward. Respiratory movements should be done with the stomach. This movement purpose to relax the abdominal wall.

Supine sleeping position devoid of a pillow, knees bent and slightly stretched. Bring your heel toward the buttocks and put their hands at their sides. Pull the bottom position away from the mat, hips lifted up as far as achievable. Then lower slowly. The purpose is to facilitate movement when pushing when the labor process.

Do it all fours, arms are directed corresponding to the shoulder. Both knees aligned with hips and a bit stretched. Head between his hands, then turned to the right and left. Put your elbows on the mattress; slither the jostle as far as promising to the right and left until the chest strokes the mattress.

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