, Benefits of Yoga & Meditation in our life

Benefits of Yoga & Meditation in our life

Boost our mood 

Recent studies told us that yoga and meditation helps to improve our cognitive-behavioral performance . They have been linked with emotional health boosts in our body .Practicing of yoga in our day to day life is a group setting also its stimulates the production of oxytocin, which is the love hormone, and it also produces higher serotonin levels, which is the happy hormone. And by combining these hormones dramatically it improve someone’s mood.

Mental Clarity

A healthy dose of yoga and meditation  keeps our brain sharp and clear. Simple yoga practice and breathing techniques allows us to free our mind from “clutter” that trickles downs to us physically ,Slow breathing and yoga poses will helps our memory and keep our thoughts more organized.

Helps us to sleep better

If we wants to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle then we need to get enough rest so that we can function properly in the next day. If we have trouble in sleeping , yoga can greatly improve our sleep quality. Doing yoga twice a week helped so many peoples to sleep better, reduce stress, and lower anxiety. 

Improves our digestion

If we have trouble with our daily fiber intake and can’t get things moving easily then practicing yoga can be a very much helpful to us . There are many yoga poses, twists, and moves that massage internal organs that help food move along in our digestive system. 

Improves Heart Health

 Yoga and meditation, keeps our heart healthy and good. Studies introduced us  that yoga is linked to a reduced risk of heart disease because of its cardiovascular benefits that eliminate arterial plaque. Meditating one time a day for ten minutes can help you relax, reduce stress hormones, lower your blood pressure, and allows us for better blood flow.

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