, How to Talk to a Psychologist Online For Free?

How to Talk to a Psychologist Online For Free?

There are many online counselling platforms available today. People in need of mental health services don’t have to rely solely on their local therapist. They have a wide range of options to choose from and speak with a free online psychologist from the comfort of their home. However, that doesn’t mean these sessions are exactly like traditional face-to-face therapy.

Change In Mode of Communication

Most online therapy sessions happen through text messaging or emails. Some therapists conduct video sessions or will speak to their patients on the phone. This change in the mode of communication can be an obstacle for some. While some people write better than they speak, most prefer to say what’s on their mind during therapy.

If you want to talk to a psychologist online for free effectively, it is important to change the way you communicate. Here are some tips that can help:

  • Express yourself clearly and verbalize emotions. For example, if something makes you feel sad, mention it clearly by saying ‘that upsets me’. Verbalizing helps the therapist understand what you intend to say and how you feel.


  • Take time to think about how to express your feelings clearly. Sometimes they can’t easily be categorized as angry, sad, happy, or frustrating. Sometimes you need to dig deep and understand exactly what a particular feeling means.


  • Ask questions about your feelings or disturbing instances. For example, if you go through an experience and feel a certain way about it or are influenced by it, tell your psychologist. They will know how to ask the right questions in return and help you understand the situation.


  • Don’t lie or hide from a therapist because that can be counterproductive. Professional psychologists don’t judge their patients. Many work with murderers, serial killers, abusers, etc, without passing judgement. You won’t have to worry about them finding your emotional responses to different situations weird.

These tips will help you communicate better with your therapist. However, it is important to keep in mind that your therapist must also know how to communicate through this new medium. For example, some counsellors have ample experience with this form of counselling. Look for someone who has worked with other patients online before. You can ask them about their experience when you talk to an online psychologist for free for the first time. Platforms like eTherapy Pro provide several options and can help with a wide range of mental health issues.

Speak with an online counsellor for free before hiring them. A therapist and their patient should have a good rapport for sessions to be successful. If you can’t get along with your counsellor, explore other options instead of sticking to something that doesn’t work.

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