, The millions of Britons use steroids for looks, not for sports.

The millions of Britons use steroids for looks, not for sports.

The use of steroids in sports in the recent century has increased at a swift pace. Previously these steroids were used for medical purposes, for example, treating arthritis, asthma, hives, eczema, and frozen shoulder. Steroids are a synthetic version of hormones (which are naturally made in the human body). Steroids are designed in a way to decrease inflammation. They are also called corticosteroids and used by different athletes and bodybuilders to get the perfect look. Typically, steroids do not cure any infection; it helps reduce inflammation caused by that particular infection. Now steroids have been used to gain body mass and reduce fat. These steroids have an extraordinary effect impact on burning fats and bulking muscles. These steroids also can increase red blood cells (actually, they increase the oxidation process in the human body). The most famous and commonly used steroid is “Testosterone” which helps in making voice 

Deeper and increases sperm production.

Steroids and athletes/ bodybuilding:

There is an increasing trend of using Steroids in sports for bodybuilding, as bodybuilders have to gain mass in a short period; thus, they need anything that could affect their body overnight, or you can say in a couple of days or weeks. These bodybuilders do a lot of work out; thus, steroids are adequately used by their bodies. Anabolic steroids are used as performance amplification. Many well-known athletes, bodybuilders, weight lifters are using steroids regularly to stay in shape.

“The craze of being perfect.”

As we can see that Social media has affected everybody’s life in its way, it has made people insecure about their bodies, facial features, etc. moreover. There is a mental condition as well, which is called “body dysmorphic disorder” (in this condition, people think that their bodies are not robust, attractive, and beautiful enough as compared to others); in this particular condition, men are away too insecure about their body shapes, and they spend a lot on it. Hence people believe that steroids will help them in getting a perfectly shaped body.

How steroids work:

Steroids work by eliminating inflammation. These steroids bind to glucocorticoid receptors present in the human body. It helps control glucose metabolic activity, and it also assists in a feedback mechanism, which decreases certain factors. This is why they are used in medicine to treat various diseases, for example, autoimmune diseases and asthma. These steroids also interact with cancer cells; thus, they are used in considerable quantities to treat cancer.

How anabolic steroids are taken:

Anabolic steroids are usually taken intravenously, many of these are injected into muscles, and these steroids also come in the form of creams or gel. Few patterns are being used by athletes, which helps them get the perfect shape of the body. The most essential and prominent method used by users is “cycling,” in which a considerable quantity of steroid is used at once, and then it is being stopped for some time before using it. The second method used is “stacking” this method involves using multiple kinds of steroids for getting better results. The third method used is pyramiding; a user takes small doses of steroid at first and then starts taking more of it.

Every medicine has its side effects; likewise, steroids have their own, but these side effects can be reduced very well under medical supervision. Using a high amount of steroids or misusing them can harm your body. These steroids can cause a condition called gynecomastia because of hormone imbalance. It can also decrease the production of a natural hormone called “testosterone,” which can condition hypogonadism. Misuse of steroids can cause lower sperm count (which in return causes infertility). Women are also affected by the misuse of this steroid; facial hair growth, irregularities in the menstrual cycle, grove voice, and infertility are common side effects.

Precautions while taking steroids:

Before taking steroids, you should read all the precautions to evert any danger. Here are some precautions that will help the patient keep himself safe from side-effects

If a patient is taking any other medicine alongside anabolic steroids, they can interact with each other and cause any problem for the patient. This steroid is usually not advised to pregnant women as it can hurt the baby’s growth in the first few weeks of pregnancy. The female patient can casually take anabolic steroids while breastfeeding, but this steroid can strain breast milk. It is highly advised to wait for 3 to 4 hours after taking an anabolic steroid before feeding the baby. The misuse of Anabolic steroids can cause serious heart, liver, and kidney issues.


  • Long term effect of anabolic steroids or functional outcomes and their impact on mortality is still unknown.
  • The effects of anabolic steroids in the covid patient (with the less severe condition) are not transparent as reported by WHO.
  • As more therapies are discovered day by day, all investigational therapies for critical covid 19. 
  • Yet to be compared with anabolic steroids.
  • The impact of anabolic steroids on immunity may impact the risk of death.

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