, What is the meaning of epilepsy and it’s diagnosis and symptoms?

What is the meaning of epilepsy and it’s diagnosis and symptoms?

Epilepsy is a nervous disorder. It causes unusual behavior and loss of awareness. In simple words, it is a disorder in which the brain becomes abnormal. Epilepsy can be developed in anyone. It can affect males and females of all ages. If you feel only a single seizure it does not mean you have epilepsy, multiple seizures are must be required for an epilepsy diagnosis.

The seizures in epilepsy is due to “Brain Injury” , but the main cause is unknown. Most of people with epilepsy may have other symptoms of neurological problems instead of seizures. Sometimes clinical history, family history, are similar in many people with epilepsy. In this condition, it can be defined as “Specific Epilepsy Syndrome”

Symptoms of epilepsy:
Symptoms of epilepsy are different from person to person depending upon the types of seizure. Seizure is the common symptom of epilepsy.

. Partial seizure:

It does not cause memory loss, symptoms include:

. Twitching of limbs
. Alterations to the sense of smell, sight, hearing, touch
. Dizziness

. Complex partial seizures:

It causes memory loss symptoms to include:

. Staring blankly
. Performing repetitive movement

. Generalized seizures

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