, Which Oil is Best for Your Body?

Which Oil is Best for Your Body?

Essential oils can prove extremely effective for your body. They tend to treat insomnia, headaches, migraines, anxieties and cure depressions even. People who want to take relaxing baths and massages add a few drops of essential oils to their baths or massage their body with such oils to boost the circulation of the body. Some oil scents are best for easing the muscle tension and produce a cooling effect after they dry out.

Advice: Never use essential oil directly on a large area without testing on a patch of skin first. This would prove whether the oils suits you or not. In case it reacts with your skin, it can irritate you causing an itching sensation or accumulation of some chemicals.

The Best Choice of Oils

There are some famous oils that have the most benefits and are suitable for the majority of people. Here is a list of those finest oils and extra essential oils you can mix with them so they can dilute evenly in the water while you bathe in them and prove as the best massage oil UK.


The most widely used essential oil flavour is lavender. It can improve sleep issues like insomnia (sleeplessness) and create an aura of relaxation. The lavender oil in your bathtub can improve moods as well. Lavender essential oils added to your plain candles make spa candles and bath salts as an additional product to give scent to your baths, even if you do not the original oil.


The most expensive essential oil is rose, which has a soothing sensation on the skin. The floral scent deeply relaxes stress levels and eases the tensed temples. Famous for its easing pain properties, it is beneficial for curing menstrual cramps. Rose essential is even safe for infant bodies to inhale for instant pain relief. Rose oil is trending these days for hydrating skin and clearing the skin from acne and ageing chemicals.


Other than the mood-boosting fragrance, it has wondrous properties for wound healing and antibacterial properties. It is best for the skin as it clears the severe acne diseases like eczema, pus-filled pimples and skin bumps that irritate. It widely used for reducing chickenpox irritation. Mainly used for the skin improving features, which include clearing ageing agents, top layer pollution and facial dirt and excessive oil. Chamomile oil has a bunch of free radicals that fight ultraviolet radiations coming from the sun and causing skin irritations. Women with stretch marks and certain blemishes on the skin can use chamomile essential oils.

Carrier Oils and Benefits

The properties of carrier oils are that once added before the essential oils, they can enhance the fragrance and dilution process of both oils in water. Coconut or olive oil and sunflower oil, which are easily available in your kitchen, can be your carrier oils. They can be useful in addition to essential oils to reduce their high reaction levels. Jojoba oils are trending these days for mixing with rose essential oil for deep hydration.

These are skin-loving oils famous for their extra features, other than these; the essential oil list is infinite.

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