, Are Braces Better Than Veneers?

Are Braces Better Than Veneers?

It is very easy to get treatment for all your dental problems. The problems can be:

  • Your teeth have gap in between them
  • Problems in biting
  • Teeth are misaligned
  • Teeth are crooked

Now correcting the dental problems that are most challenging is possible. The cosmetic dental industry has become so advanced for treating various oral problems. In order to get a beautiful smile, a lot of individuals are ready to pay so much money to the orthodontists. If you want to impress the people then you need to have a very beautiful smile.

Normally for improving your smile, veneers and braces are recommended by the dentists. These help in fixing various dental problems.

Now I am going to tell you how veneers are different from braces and which among these procedures is better.

Difference in two procedures

Let us first discuss veneers. A lot of maintenance is not required for these and in your tooth’s front part the dentist attaches these. If your teeth have gaps, stains, chips, discoloration and other dental problems then for fixing these problems the dentist may recommend you veneers.

On the other hand, braces help in treating the problems crossbite, underbite, overbite and for fixing anatomical misalignment.

Importance of braces or veneers

Nowadays the time for the treatment of dental problems has become shorter with the availability of those treatment options that are discreet and all this has become possible because the braces and cosmetic dentistry have become advanced. Several problems like gum diseases and cavities can occur if you can’t floss or brush your teeth normally just because your teeth are crowded. An unnatural wearing down of the teeth can occur because of structural problems. Look at a number of problems:

  • Facial features that are asymmetrical or imbalanced.
  • Difficulty in closing lips or mouth because of abnormal teeth.
  • Tongue or cheek get bitten by the teeth accidentally.
  • Lisp or speaking problems.
  • Biting or chewing is very difficult.

For treating these problems, you need to use Invisalign or braces. You can have difficulty in flossing and brushing because of overcrowding and pain that occurs as a result of structural problems. For treating these problems, you can either use braces or go for cosmetic dentistry treatment.


As per your budget and severity of the structural problems that you face you can use braces of various types:

  • If at the time of brushing, drinking and eating you want to remove the braces then use plastic aligners that are removable and are known as Invisalign.
  • If you have a severe problem then you need to use undetectable braces. Basically, in the teeth’s inside part these are attached. These are just like metal braces and are known as lingual braces.
  • If you do not want the people to notice your braces then you need to use tooth-colored braces which are similar to metal braces and are known as ceramic braces.
  • The braces that are most noticeable and for making these, stainless steel has been used are known as the metal braces.

Advantages and disadvantages of these


  • For improving your bite and protecting the wearing down of the teeth you can use Invisalign.
  • If your bite and jaw have problems like chewing trouble and pain then for treating these problems you need to do the alignment of the bite with the help of braces.
  • Several problems like pain because of misaligned bite, teeth cleaning problems can occur in your mouth.


  • If the braces are visible then you will not look good while smiling.
  • Sometimes the retainers need to be worn for more than 2 years.


You may want to alter one or more teeth. Their count decides how many veneers you need. If your teeth are irregular, discolored or chipped then in your tooth’s front part you need to use porcelain veneers.

Advantages and disadvantages of these


  • As you take care of your normal teeth. In the same manner you need to take care of veneers. They don’t need any special care.
  • This type of treatment requires a very short time.


  • Below the tooth where the veneers are fixed, growing back of the enamel will not take place.

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